Finding What You’re Looking For

This is the ultimate satisfaction! The seeking-finding continuum! I just had to re-blog! Fabulous post, Raventalker 🙂

The Healing Path of the Raven & Wolf

WP_20140703_009This morning as I sat in the grass, searching for 4 leaf clovers I thought about the search… not just the search for special clovers, but the search in general.

As I searched, I found myself ever so focused on what I was looking for. All other “things” were on the sidelines as I searched for these elusive clovers. I found one, and kept searching. I found another and continued to search. I found 3 then 4 and 5 and 6 and I kept searching. I found that I kept finding 4 leaf WP_20140703_007clovers until I decided to stop searching.

The same can be said about: Love, Success, Opportunity, Wisdom, Peace, Knowledge, Answers and everything else that one might search for.

You will continue to find what you seek until you decide to stop looking for it.

You may not always be happy with what you find or how you find…

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