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“Everyone fears

Everyone fears

But you and me

We joined the light, the water and the


And we did not fear.”

~Forugh Farrokhzard

Yesterday, after a long day of class, my husband and I met. We were considering enjoying an evening picnic at the park before going off to do other daily activities–something we often enjoy together. This time was different.

Steam punk clock… we saw one nearby “our” park


When faced with a lot of scheduling in my life, I sometimes like to break-free from the trodden path (the scheduled path) and see what we might encounter when we have our minds open to the magic of “the moment.”

I suggested that we walk down to the road, and explore this particular neighborhood a little bit more – nice vibes – and; maybe we’d find a special place to eat. We did move here to San Diego just one year ago, so whatever we’d find would be unexpected.

We did find a special place: Soltan Banoo

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (1)

Our waitress was kind enough to lower the curtains so we wouldn't be blinded or overheat while we were enjoying our shared meal.
Our waitress was kind enough to lower the curtains so we wouldn’t be blinded or overheat while we were enjoying our shared meal.

We didn’t eat anything with gluten in it. 🙂  In fact, I stopped counting the days that I’ve been gluten free because it is no longer a part of my life – and I barely even notice it 🙂  I should also note that this particular blog post was meant for my blog called:, however, I accidentally posted it on Fiestaestrella (my homage to astrology)

The feeling of the atmosphere was a bit like song.

Pictured below is “Dough,” you can see how to pronounce it in the caption (no gluten there). Here’s a great recipe for it, which I may try to make sometime

Pronounced "Doogh," the 'gh' has a G sound like in "dog."
Pronounced “Doogh,” the ‘gh’ has a G sound like in”dog.”

photo 1

photo 3 (1) photo 4

Note the wonderful poem in the image above ❤  All I feel is love when I think of this place.

6 thoughts on “Persian Restaurant – Flow of life

  1. I hear San Diego is really cool, with an amazing zoo. So what did you order? I love Persian food and we have a great place a few miles away where I love the kebabs with basmati rice and anything containing yogurt. My inner foodie is curious Ka 🙂

    1. San Diego is so BIG! I haven’t been to the zoo. I have mixed feelings about it. Yes, Persian food is amazing, and especially this place. Maybe I’ll get to see the Kebab place near you in pictures? The “Dough” (see pronunciation in the picture’s caption) does contain yogurt. I’m not sure why they spelled it that way on the menu. Maybe it is the authentic spelling? I updated this post with more pictures. Now… just have to figure out how to re-blog to 🙂 xo

  2. Made me so hungry!!! I am glad you posted this here. I have been gluten free for almost 2 years now b/c -thankfully a physician noted the my eczema seemed to be food related. He suggested cutting out wheat and voila – all is better! 🙂

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