Mars, Saturn & the Wisdom of the Opossum: Save your energy!

Mars is the “faster moving planet,” and it’s coming into conjunction with Saturn in the hidden sign of Scorpio (skilled at finding the bottom-line). This is called an applying aspect. Right now, Mars and Saturn are about 10 degrees apart – this is a loose conjunction. If I want to be strict, I use a 3 degree orb for interpretation (and it really depends on the aspect I am looking at. Is it major or minor?) – but, I’m speaking to a pretty sensitive group, and myself.

Sensitivity to energy can exist beyond normal constructs. I view astrology as a construct – albeit a useful one.

Mars conjunct Saturn:

Underneath the surface of everything is this super-intense energy of compression; it is building. Energy and drive is represented by Mars (the sexual urge), while Saturn is the Master of Old Age, restriction, limitation, and wisdom. Saturn’s really not into speedy delivery. Astrologers of the past used to look at Saturn as the “task master” and the server of karma in an astrological chart. Whew intense stuff, right?

Well, Liz Greene re-wrote one of the books on Saturn called, Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, published all the way back in 1976. In academic standards (depending on what you are studying) that’s a while ago. In astrological terms, that’s pretty recent. It takes a while (not quantified on purpose), and lot of people (again, no number given) to form and shape something like astrology. But, here we ARE!

Feeling held back while still being propelled forward? (Mars conjunct Saturn)

By meeting with the controlling element, meeting with the teacher who’s helping you build your energy by storing it up, we experience compression. The teacher is your inner teacher. That’s who I am speaking to here.

That is: holding back when necessary *while* allowing restriction shape you.

Regarding Saturn, here’s a quote from Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrologer, who is basically quoted on the page before the Table of Contents, in Liz Greene’s book, because astrologers and esoteric junkies don’t really work alone.

“When the disciple

knows Saturn as the God

who offers opportunity

and does not only

feel him to be Deity

who brings disaster,

then he is on the path

of discipleship in truth

and in deed

and not just


Opossum: What does the opossum have to do with all this?  He recognizes imminent death, and so he fakes it first. Why does he fake it?  He’s not being a trickster for any other reason, than he’s just smart, and knows that he must take pause. The opossum meets his/her limitation by knowing when to rest; he/she knows when to take a break.

17 thoughts on “Mars, Saturn & the Wisdom of the Opossum: Save your energy!

  1. Mars Saturn conjunction can also be a fixed concentration of energy and/or focus. I have this combo in opposition and it s like knowing the answer will be no before you ask a question as well as having one foot on the brakes while the other is on the accelerator. This conjunction in Scorp will trine Chiron and square the Leo planets as well. Could be used to diligently and carefully heal and excavate wounds and shadows, pursue a mystery and/or obsession.

    How does the opossum fit in? Maybe an opossum is like an opposition ( kiddin’)

    peace my birthday goddess/ friend


    1. Thank you, Linda! I agree with the part about concentration (Mars conjunct Saturn). With the opposition, that might give a person the opposite ‘super power’ of not-concentration. Also could give one the potential for recognition (opposition) that comes with rigorous repeated tests. One has the opportunity to master the art of knowing when to ‘go’ and when to ‘stop.’ I see what you did there with the play on words 🙂

      Thank you for your contributing your thoughts!
      Thank you for the birthday wishes! Thank you, my friend 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

    1. Thanks, Kim 🙂 You really have been making some lovely art. I love the flower in the moon image! We are fortunate to have some good outcomes from all the energies we’ve been/are experiencing! xx Ka

  2. Like Kimberley I found your thoughts very grounding, and hopeful. Let’s hope, for me at least, that the feelings of pressure, stasis and compression will soon be shifted into something creative…..this is all happening in my fifth house 🙂

      1. Phew….now I just need to work on that writers block which has ground my book writing to a halt, despite the characters filling my head each waking moment!! I’m definitely blaming Saturn for that one 🙂

      2. Fabulous! Here’s to working those characters into solid form 🙂 I’d be interested in hearing more about your book’s journey into this world. Please do share when it’s time! Saturn will help to sculpt them. Nothing like a well-developed character!

  3. Ka, you must have written this with me in mind LOL.. as since the changes in the heavens around this time, My body has surely wanted to rest. Sorry I am working my way back around to catching up, But never seem to be on time with your posts..
    This was very informative and explains much to my energy levels at the moment 🙂

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