Neptune: Olokun, the Goddess of Dreams and the Dark Realm of the Unconscious (Yoruba People, West Africa)

Here is the second part of my re-blogging of her two posts: Olokun & Neptune

Goddess Inspired

The blue-glowing planet Neptune is named after the Roman God of the Sea (Greek Poseidon), and just like the sea astrological Neptune’s character is vast, boundless and unfathomable. It rules over our dreams, our right brain and the unconscious.

These are all traits of the Waning Moon or Dark Goddess in Her aspect of the Keeper of Wisdom and the Bringer of Death and Decay. (See also “Moon Magic and the Triple Goddess“) At the end of our lives our bodies and egos are dissolved and once again we become one with the Goddess, our loving Mother. Figuratively speaking in eastern philosophy the death of the ego is needed to experience enlightenment and become one with the Cosmos.

There is no better allegory for the mysterious and dark unconscious part within us that is ruled by instincts and emotions than the unpredictable and seemigly bottomless sea. For that…

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