Wisdom of a Broken Tree

Seonaid’s posts are always so seriously awesome! While I had just written what I have typed here below, I paused and I found and read Seonaid’s post that I have reblogged. It feels like it’s in alignment with what I was experiencing _ but to me_ I hadn’t seen the message at the end, until now..

We are connected in ways we cannot imagine. There’s such a mystery to this experience of life that brings us everyday into the presence of love. We pass by others, we share our thoughts, our day-to-days, but there’s a clearer line of transmission, and this is the energy aspect of us that moves across space and time.

We move beyond space and time and show up at one another’s virtual doorsteps—it is actually in our hearts that we know one other intimately. The energy moves through us, and beyond us in ways we cannot imagine, lighting up grids and flowing like water into all the cracks and crevices that hold us fragmented.

We meet and greet, mapped together by energetic lattices, sewn into a tremendous quilt of story and connection.

Let every moment be endless breath-filled :::Aloha::: in the tenderness of spirit , and from the breath of Love & Life. Let us witness the gentle and tender connections we form.


Ancient dancing oak wood.JPG
I was walking yesterday, among the ancient twisted oaks, as the tail end of a hurricane swept across the land. I was sheltered on the forest floor, but high above me the branches bent and strained in the high wind, creaking and complaining. The leaves fluttered wildly in the wind stream, sounding like rushing water, and the energy of the storm excited everything. The dogs were a little wilder than normal, and all across the dry earth path, the tips of high branches lay scattered, thrown to the ground by the storm.

Broken oak tree.JPG
Then ahead my path was blocked by a sad sight. One of the ancient oaks had cracked and it’s huge old limb had fallen to the earth, still attached to the trunk. Despite the huge crack it’s leaves were still lush green, and then as I approached, I saw something amazing. Beautiful red ribbons were fluttering in the…

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7 thoughts on “Wisdom of a Broken Tree

      1. Like wise too Ka.. when you visit me.. You will get used to my block visits.. as thats the only way I keep up lol.. as I miss so many daily posts as I follow so many blogs 🙂

      2. Thanks, Sue. I enjoy reading your blog. I’m grateful that you visit my blog – please feel free to come and go as you are guided, and in whatever way you’d like. xx Ka

  1. Hello hello what a beautiful share! I luv luv trees and her post reminded me of the sacred Buddhist trees of Thailand, blessed by monks and wrapped in colorful ribbons. Thank you for checking out and reading my summer posts. xox

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