A peacock at a park, happiness, and my mom

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I saw a beautiful peacock on Friday.

It is also my beautiful mother’s birthday today – I am honored to be her daughter. I am grateful that she brought me into this life to learn, and to develop; in all honesty, she always encouraged me to be myself. She wanted me to become whatever it is that I wanted to become–nevertheless–I always still wanted to please her, and everyone. I thought by making other people happy, it would make me happy -maybe because this often does work out that way.

I also learned it’s much easier now. When I’m happy, other people are happy because they love me, too. They can share it with me. This was a big lesson for me. I can be bright, and it doesn’t ‘make’ anyone else feel bad or unloved. It’s my choice. It’s their choice to be happy, and to go for what makes them happy, too. I believe there is enough to go around. I choose to believe this.

This is not always possible. It’s good to have compassion and faith, and especially to hold a candle, a prayer, and a vigil for the highest manifestation of any and all beings; have love in our hearts, and let wisdom lead the way.

We have a special connection my mother and I; and, I suppose it’s a past life connection. I feel this deeply about it – and always have. I’m sure I’m not unique in this, but for just this moment, I want to honor and cherish how special my mother is to me, and let this be her day (my day for her).  Deep blue is her color – and, I still remember the velvet navy blue chair I sat in as a child – that she later painted a portrait of me in it, with my father’s army hat on my 4 year old head. Recently she painted a happy portrait of me and husband, from a happy photograph of us I sent her as an instant message to her phone.  You know, I know my happiness has helped her to be happy. That’s a gift that only a child could give; yet, I’m an adult. So… let it be NOW.

On Friday…

Both my husband, myself, and a small gathering met with a very special female healer, and star-connected being. She channels light language, and I’ve always felt a special connection with her, too. Our host was receptive enough to trust the call – to accept her visit. What a lovely thing – acceptance, recognition, and the presence of a gift.

My weekend was both mundane and magical. What is provided along the way is evidence in the possibility to be part of All-There-Is. We are working through the goddess transmissions, and being part of cosmic unfolding. I didn’t start the spark, but I will help it along…if I can…since I keep finding feathers… I may as well build wings.

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Happy Autumnal Equinox!

10 thoughts on “A peacock at a park, happiness, and my mom

  1. Namaste Precious
    Yesterday (Sunday 21st) I wrapped a gift for my Mum who’s birthday it is 21/10 we have sadly been estranged. Such Joy in my heart to be free to this year send her a gift as i believe our hearts are softening in forgiveness once again. Last night one of my new friends from Sally Kemptons Goddess activation Empowerement course were having wonderful time sharing stories and the Peacock was discussed with the beautiful eyed feathers. So beautiful to read your post this morning still warm and cosy laying in bed. THANKYOU so much I Love my Mum too and believe one day soon we can bear hug again …
    Holding back tears ; )

    1. Namaste Ommons dear,

      Holding that candle for you and your Mum.
      You are so welcome. HUGS
      May one day soon the time allow for your re-connection.
      Embracing the emotional strength of love…and holding space for that easy moment of release we all need ❤


  2. This resonated with me Ka, as I have been with my mother for a couple of weeks now. I so admire that she is happy with my life choices because I am happy, even though it is hard for us to be so far away and my life is not exactly “safe or normal”.
    Thank you for sharing. Keep working on those wings! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Abby.

      I can relate to the distance. My mother lives on the other side of the country; although, she and I did get to spend a couple of years of quality time together before I moved a couple of times West, and then South.

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