4 thoughts on “Language of Hands

  1. Hey Ka,

    It is a small gem that you have found on WP and kindly shared with all. It becomes apparent very quickly how powerfully compelling an image of the human form can be when used so precisely to express the intimacy of a compassionate moment. Hauntingly beautiful images.

    There is such tremendous warmth in the well of kindness and compassion flowing through the heart that it is little wonder the human hand grew in its sophistication so as to enable the outward transmission of those purposeful desires.

    A very touching post, thank you Ka.


    DN – 24/09/2014

    1. Hi Dewin,

      I just love what you wrote about these amazing photographs! Thank you for joining in with me in my appreciation for these human hands, where the sacred human spirit is expressed so powerfully. I am still in such contemplation over them, in addition to my own photo/experience for which I don’t have a decent print of for display.

      Thank you, Dewin, for seeing with me! Steve McCurry’s photos really “set a tone” for me to sit with a little while longer yet. I was motivated to share, and these photos struck a chord.


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