Nodal axis moved from Sco-Tau to N.Node in Libra and S. Node in Aries

I felt like re-blogging this today. In spirit of Aries, I’ve been embracing spontaneity. Here’s to October 8th’s lunar eclipse!

Aries/Libra nodal positions… let’s re-think this.

I previously posted this blog entry on February 2014; it is relevant because the upcoming lunar eclipse on Oct. 8 takes place in the sign of Aries; and usually, in astrology, a lunar eclipse means an ending of some sort or another. I know for me this is true, as I too am undergoing transformation.

Perhaps in this case it is the “personal will” or Mars (ruler of Aries) takes on a new balance because it has to – the relentless attempt to “get ahead” transforms into a different energy that inverts itself into supreme relief; there is no finished spiritual awakening. With a natal Mars in Libra, I’ve always been working on balancing my will power with acquiescence.

As Adyashanti speaks, “you can’t be ready for when your personal will disappears.” “it just kind of, flows out of you…”

Here’s Adyashanti’s beautiful discussion: He discusses the Different Qualities of Awakening. He also says, it’s time to find a whole new balance in life. I think that’s also the message for this eclipse. Gate Gate Paragate. “Always being, always becoming.”

Also, The Non-Existence of Time:

Fiesta Estrellas


In honor of this switching of the tides, I thought I’d write a little something about it. According to my trusty ephemeris, the nodes changed into Aries/Libra on February 20, 2014.  While some of the new energies and themes may seem to have really changed the tone of our surrounding relationship themes, the new Libra/Aries nodal positions will be in effect up to October of 2015.

The nodal positions in our birth chart show our soul’s past and future trajectories. While this may sound like fate/destiny, it’s really only so in the sense that we are working with archetypes. There’s so much room for movement and interpretation in this expression of the archetype—such as is with astrology.

What the changing nodal positions indicate is theme for all relationships and outcomes. In essence, the nodes express the focal point for the One’s evolution, and therefore consciousness taken as a whole.


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