Sneak Peek at October 23rd Solar Eclipse


My ‘voice’ has returned; and, I am about to embark on another inward journey. I’ve begun receiving some information, so I thought I’d write early about the solar eclipse- as it has arrived within me.  I have that feeling of excitement. There’s newness unfolding. There’s a question of what’s around the bend. There’s faith (Neptune) and patience (Saturn) in the process of Chiron’s wound-healing (Saturn trine Neptune conjunct Chiron). Eclipses happen because of the moon’s lunar nodes. See previous post and google whatever you need to supplement the information provided here. The North Node is the head of the Dragon, and the South Node is the tail of the dragon. I’ve been following the nodes since I was in my early twenties because I was born during a balsamic moon phase, 3 days before a solar eclipse. I will not describe what that means here. Let’s just say it’s unstable energy (eclipse) and relates to my old soul (moon).

“What cannot be said will get wept.” -Sappho

This solar eclipse is cast for Pacific Time. I did all the charts in the beginning of the year, and I believe in local resonance. In fact, I believe in long-range resonance too.  I can only speak from where I am. I am both personality and higher consciousness – indivisible.

May only those who would receive and experience this message as a gift read these words. The words are carriers for the divine seed. They are sealed with love and open to many who would receive by grace.

The message I received is… use no force... just drift through this process with as little resistance as possible. keep your faith. There are many gifts on the other side of this passage.

I’ve come to see that these eclipses and transits are really ‘passages’ or liminal states. Walking through an eclipse is like leaving one universe for another one. Choose wisely while moving gracefully, for time is of the essence and the Goddess is with you. You are the night being born again and again in the light of consummate Divine.  Hidden messages will open to an open heart.


photo (10)

“Anything will give up its’ Secrets if you Love it Enough”

~George Washington Carver

Neptune and Venus are featured very strongly in this new moon solar eclipse on the 23rd. Neptune and Venus are expressions of the same energy. Neptune is referred to as the “higher octave” of Venus (love) and taken together they certainly reveal unconditional love.

11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at October 23rd Solar Eclipse

  1. So happy to see you here Ka! Lovely post, do you channel? How exciting. I really like what you said about moving through eclipses. Had not heard it ever explained that way before. Liminal states has started to be mentioned more now online. Just read a great post about them by Jamie of Sophia’s children. clearly there is wisdom for me to access today.


    1. Thank you, Linda.

      That was an interesting synchronicity you had with the liminal stuff, as I just mentioned it above in my post. My high school friend brought liminal phases to my attention as we were both interested in psychology. Later on, I got involved with anthropology, and liminal states came along.

      Thank you for reading, Ka

      P.S. feel free to add a link to the reference you are making above. Even if I don’t have a chance to get to it (sooner than later), perhaps another reader who comes along might want to know to what you are referring. When you say it’s mentioned “more often,” that is referring to the liminal phase, I’m not sure I know what you mean. Are you seeing it more often in what you are reading? If so, COOL.

      I don’t have an answer to your question about channeling specifically – it is not really an entity. It’s more an aspect of creation that wants to express through me.

      1. I just got really excited when I clicked on this link. The chills you feel when you are in tune with another person. I’m glad you linked this to me. I’m taking a *very brief* study break. EGADS~ Thanks, Linda! You are helping me hook up with other soul friends – at the very least “meet and greet.” YAY!

        xo KA

      2. I am thrilled to know that this small deed brought joy to your life and connecting folks with one another feels like a calling to me. The internet can be a wonderful conduit, the interrelatedness – net 🙂

  2. AriesIntrovert

    “The message I received is… use no force… just drift through this process with as little resistance as possible. keep your faith. There are many gifts on the other side of this passage.”

    Thank you. I needed that!

    I am back in a familiar holding pattern and I wrestle with taking time for myself–which makes me happy–while feeling guilt for not doing [thing I think I should be doing per culture/other’s norms].

    There is a deeper part of me that feels that when it is time to make a change I will know it (and it will be easy to do so), but the scared ego part of me keeps wanting to get out the whip of self-flagellation for not doing so before then.

    Funny how in the absence of a real enemy a person will just be their own! 😉

    – Jacqueline

    1. You are so welcome.

      Thank you for commenting, Jacqueline. Might I add that when we wrestle with ourselves, we are putting forward the work of our souls. We are burning off our ‘unreal’ and inauthentic masks. The question in the face of duality becomes “which is the inspiration, and which really is ego?” Can we even perceive what society wants from us without our filtering mind (ego)? Do we really know what is wanted from us aside from our own projection?

      Ultimately, the only thing we can really *do* is love ourselves through the entire process. ALL of ourselves – even our ego is meant to serve the master of Spirit. Love the whole birthing of Self. Honor your struggle for it is a noble one, especially in the light of full awareness.

      Your words demonstrate deep insight into yourself and your process.

      Again, thank you for sharing,

  3. I was in Chicago during the solstice. Im sorry to say it’s pretty hard for me to connect with, well much of anything there, but I was enjoying time with my mama, so that was comforting. This post is really beautifully written as are all your posts, very encouraging. Peace to you Ka

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