What about the NEW Golden Age: How will it look, feel, smell, and sound to you?

Dear Readers and Followers:

I was recalling a dream I had back in 2005. I dreamed that the world was ending. This was a terrible nightmare but then something really surprising happened. It was the calling of a lucid dream, where I was aware that I was dreaming, but it was still directed by a higher state of consciousness that said, “see.” What I am trying to say is that the lucidity of the dream, and the witnessing, were one in the same. I was witnessing the birth of my awakening within my dream; and, it was a dawning where I witnessed the apparent destruction of what actually wasn’t even real.

The buildings were black and everything around was crumbling. In my dream, I was living in a tiny village, and several different types of destruction were happening. There was a tidal wave, much like in the story by Pearl S. Buck, called The Big Wave.

There was a lack of healthy air, like in Pittsburgh, before its cleanup – also where I was living at the time of the dream.

Pittsburgh media link from explorepahistory.com

Worst of all there was chaos and frantic people all around. My friends were unreachable. I think it was at the moment when I realized that I needed to create a new reality (North Node in Leo). The higher consciousness suggested that I let this old one go. That I simply start a new dream, a new consciousness. (If you’re asking me, “How’s that going?”  Well… Mostly pretty good.)

Of course, it was devastating to me that this old world was crumbling all around me. No one wants to see the destruction of the world, and experience their own imminent death, as well as those of their loved ones. However, there was a lot of past life elements in this dream. This was the telling that I had witnessed and experienced all of this before, many times over (Balsamic Moon in Cancer – old soul). Sun in Leo – I’m still ‘the center’ of my own world. Seventh house Sun: ‘You’ are shining starsof my evolution.


The best thing that happened to me in this dream, though, is that I realized that it was only my own consciousness that I was witnessing – and that was all.  Wow!  Isn’t that empowering?!  Isn’t that really reviving? Can you imagine that YOU are the absolute center of everything that you witness, experience, and call into existence?

For those of us who are able to influence the world:  What do you want it to look like?  What would a safe world feel like for you? What would a *NEW* GOLDEN AGE, really look, smell, taste, and BE LIKE? Get out your magic wands.

Extra links:  Pittsburgh before and after

Smoke City

Special credit to Andrew Annenberg for his painting featured here.

Also, special credit goes to the tree of life, which continually blesses us with continuously growing branches.

23 thoughts on “What about the NEW Golden Age: How will it look, feel, smell, and sound to you?

  1. Great post, Ka! My magical world would be full of plants, full of plants, plants, plants and more plants! I imagine everyone would have what they need. I was in an interesting meet up the other night where someone was explaining from a philsophical point of fews that the Gods created suffering so we wouldn’t get bored. So, in my new age there would be no boredom, therefore eliminating suffering. Everyone would be aligned, everyone might not be happy, but everyone would be at peace.

    Love ya

  2. Wonderful post Ka.. which makes me think back to one of my own Dreams way back maybe 15 yrs or so.. As I witnessed War.. on a huge scale.. but coupled with tidal waves.. I was in my own small village that I grew up in.. hiding not only from the chaos on the ground, but I also knew a large Tsunami was on its way which I knew wiped out the village..
    Reading your account puts a whole new perspective upon what I dreamt.. Thank you xxx

  3. I love the question inside of this post. And I love that I don’t have a good answer, a quick answer, something canned to toss out there. We have been having a series of management meetings at work, and I have been the scribe, and one thing I have found is that in responding to our inner feeling that something is wrong, or alternately, that something could be better we often talk in circles. I find in my notes that the impulses we each follow often run us in circles. Strategy A would be good because of certain factors. Later, Strategy A would be bad because of certain factors. Later, back to Strategy A after discarding B and C. You can’t figure some things out logically… Nor can you “feel” your way to the answer instantly either, I’ve found. It kind of has to be revealed. You kind of have to work with it… Guess and check… Trust in one another…

    It’s hard not to answer this type of question by responding to a feeling about what is missing in our own lives– without envisioning a world that heals our own particular need. It’s hard not to answer it with a vision of things completely different than they are, at least by appearance… I think appearances will certainly change, but at first maybe they won’t. It’s the feeling inside the world that is changing. I think the only answer I can offer is that in a world based absolutely on trust in one another and in all things, things would be quite different for the better.

    Think of all the things we don’t know how to trust: the governments, the media, big business and industry, our very ideas of commerce and trade and prosperity. But these are simply large organizations of people– people responding to the forces that bind them. Those binding forces are produced by distrust and uncertainty, in my opinion– not the specific distrust of a particular person, but the general distrust of what would happen were we to relax our vigilance.

    We speak a lot about fear. About the type of fear that prevents us from moving forward into the next grandest version of our power and authenticity. But I also hear a lot of judgments about how things “should be”. About what is wrong with one thing or another. About contempt for a particular facet of humanity. All these opinions, in my opinion, set waves going in the “world pool” in opposing directions. How do we do this without leaving anyone behind?

    That to me, is the question.


    1. Dear Michael,
      Your response is beautifully complex. At least as it appears to me at this moment, with my own projecting mind. I like your question: “How do we do this without leaving anyone behind?” I do wonder if, in this question I see you asking, you’re words from above are answered:

      “You can’t figure some things out logically… Nor can you “feel” your way to the answer instantly either, I’ve found. It kind of has to be revealed. You kind of have to work with it… Guess and check… Trust in one another…”

      particularly, dynamic stability. I suppose that’s what I’m working with in my own natal astrological “Grand Cross.” It’s the platform for my own continuous consciousness work. Thank God for progressions!

      Have a lovely day! Grateful, grateful for your expressive reply

  4. Firstly, it’s so interesting when you realize what you thought was so real is only a dream. Thank you for sharing your dream with us as well as your insights into the way you see the world. To me a safe world is one in which we don’t question being able to exercise our freedoms such as speaking our minds; we don’t fear judgement, bullying or punishment for doing so. A safe world also has lots of loving hugs ❤

    1. Hi Christy,

      Thank you, I’m glad my dream was interesting to you, too. What’s very interesting is what people have come up with in what they wrote here. I like this subject…
      the New Golden Age.

      Specifically to your reply to what I wrote, asking about a safe world, “What would a safe world feel like for you?”

      You wrote, “To me a safe world is one in which we don’t question being able to exercise our freedoms such as speaking our minds; we don’t fear judgement, bullying or punishment for doing so. A safe world also has lots of loving hugs <3"

      Speaking our minds is such a precious necessity. Also, organizing our thoughts/opinions/perceptions can be a 'work in progress.'

      Thank you. I agree. Also, about the hugs. I’ve had to thaw myself out over time, let my own cat (Leo) out of the bag… so to speak…sometimes the cat scratches or feels scratched… so she keeps a safe distance (Aquarius) for everybody. Ah, but my Cancer Moon, Mercury, and Venus… are very mooshy, and need to feel safe and create SAFE space for others!

      SO: Thanks for being in my world: another Hugger ❤

      That fearing of judgement also seems to be an internal thing.

      In my opinion, the best we can do is firstly, to be kind to ourselves. We all have so many different facets of ourselves. When we can express self-kindness (to all of those facets), kindness to others follows, then people sense that’s there’s this kindness in the air. One who is kind to themselves can be kind to others. That's why I love that you blogged for Writer’s Who Struggle with Self-Compassion.


      Thanks for your visit here, Christy, and the compassion you bring with you,

      1. Oh dear friend Ka, you are beautiful. Your words you share here in this comment and in your posts are like shining lights that help guide readers. We love coming to visit you (I know I’m not alone in saying that) and it’s because of the time you take for each of us. Thanks for your wonderful heart! Hugs from one hugger to another ❤

  5. Lovely post Ka, and a great question to contemplate. What I know for sure is that in that place all beings would be without fear. The feeling of peace will be palpable.

    1. Hi Abby!! I was thinking so, too… a great question to contemplate ❤ Thank you! I like that… 'Palpable Peace.' The alliteration has a calming percussion to it. Thanks for your visit and the softly resounding vibration 🙂 xo

    1. Glad you found it empowering, Ladyfi! I can picture your lucid dreams are phenomenal – just looking at your photos. Especially these recent ones! Glorious! Hallelujah! (I had to say it again). 😀

  6. Hi there… Thanks for sharing your dream with us… The end of the World… Being ironic, I´d say I wouldn’t want to be there when it happens… I also found interesting that you could relate your nightmare with Pearl S. Buck´s brief story The Big Wave.
    Mesmerizing post!… Thanks for sharing and all the best to you. Aquileana 😎

    1. Hi Aquileana,

      Your name always reminds me of Aquila, the Eagle. Now, thinking about your recent post about Zeus.. hmm.

      Yes, in my dream there was an end to my world. It appeared to me as THEE world, as it was a dream; and, I was not alone in the demolition. ~I completely understand your not wanting to be there when it happens.~ Since my dream was in 2005 – I think my own consciousness hasn’t given me any other dreams of this particular nature. To me it was a clue about my own empowerment and capacity to recreate my world.

      It is interesting that the story The Big Wave would somehow feature in my dream as a distant past *and also* present experience. Dreams can do that!

      Best to you, too, Aquileana! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts!

      ❤ , Ka

  7. Okay Ka, I have returned after the dust settled. I am very grateful you shared your epic dream with us. To be lucid and understand the unreality of the world” while in dreamtime is HUGE!
    I think about what you describe as the golden age quite often, and blogged about it last year via a WP challenge about entering a time machine. I picture nature in all her glory, no obstacles to self realization, freedom , peace, and equality for all, immense love, and cooperation being seen as the way to thrive, not an impediment. Less technology, but just enough to propel the values I listed. I do not have a complete picture, but I sense we were all part of it at some point.

    love and light,

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thank you. This dream was one of those dreams that reverberated into the rest of my days; so it was big! I like picturing: “no obstacles to self realization, freedom, peace, and equality for all, immense love, and cooperation.”

      Thank you for contributing here.

      As far as technology goes: it’s disruptive. I know there’s the phrase, “disruptive technology,” but I almost nearly consider all technology as disruptive: *and* creating new pathways. So very Uranus-themed, don’t you think? Especially, as we move toward the final and 7th Uranus/Pluto Square of this transit. I enjoy embracing and harnessing what is in my control in terms of reality-making, and also discovering what’s possible and brilliant. Plunging the depths, as Pluto does, I’d like to ‘know’ more about what’s underneath – and what’s propping up – our Golden Age dreams.

      Joyful days and peaceful nights,

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