Love Inspired Me

Opening Love, widening arms

Love is my window.

Feeling the Sun’s Love

Shining, Dawning, in Love-light.

Love works through Ears

Recording incoming Love Spirals

Our Love is Seed

Opening from Love’s ground.

Love wants to play

While I love work.

I was inspired by Deanne to write a 10 line poem on love with 4 words in each line and the word love in each line. If anyone wants to write a poem on love, please leave a link to your poem in the comment’s section 🙂 or leave it on Deanne’s page, and/or both.

29 thoughts on “Love Inspired Me

  1. Well that was truly inspiring. What intrigued me were your closing lines, and I quote:

    “Love wants to play
    While I love work.”

    Would this lead to equating Work and Play? Would it imply the mastery of one’s work so that it occurs as play?


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  3. Your poem is wonderful and I so enjoyed it.. And its not easy to include the word love in every line and to keep just to four words.. you have done a remarkable job.. The short link to my poem is here.. I hope this link doesn’t send me into Spam LOL… just had about enough of chasing myself silly 🙂

    Its called Light of Our Moon,
    Love and Hugs

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    1. Thanks, Sindy, for your visit. It’s amazing how many different ways there are to ‘receive’ and ‘to let go’… sometimes my art-making is very sporadic and/or years apart. I love it when a muse visits!
      xo Ka

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