My Rainbow Path

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Each sister has said to me

At least once:

“I saw a rainbow,

And it reminded me of you.”


A rainbow,

I was taught, was God’s promise

Never to be mean to all of us, ever again!

(at least not by flood)


I drew all those rainbows

From ages 3 thru 8,

Because life wasn’t always easy,

and people: They

need colorful bridges to escape onto /(

Take refuge In.)\ On. ^Above^ _or_ Under the Rain…

Look at the pictures;

I thought it

was the #Number of

Rainbows that could staircase the Way Out-

UP, Around ~

Each Arc

Another Step, a Progression

What I see now is that ‘rainbow’ was


The early years:

Rainbow Native Rainbow with Trees

25 thoughts on “My Rainbow Path

  1. I do understand how our dreams can ease the discord of ” reality” dear Ka. You are a raynbow full of joy 😉

    Did you make the top one too? This post marries well with your header, hmm.


    1. Thank you, Linda! Yes! And to add, I’ve been thinking of Solar Arcs and Secondary Progressions. I was also playing around with these concepts as just words, while retracing childhood steps.

      I will get to the header now: Thank you for noticing!

      Recently, I had my WP anniversary. I’ve kept the same header since its birth.

      When I picked this header 4 years ago, Uranus had just gone into Aries. With Uranus as my chart ruler (you know) Uranus movements affect my 1st house behavior. I was starting something new: my blog, and a new way of expressing myself. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do that, exactly, but I knew that astrology was a main theme, or that it framed my life. Also, I knew I was ‘coming into union.’

      Header selection:

      I divided the image of the original picture, the Medieval cosmological model centered around the concept of the Ptolemaic universe, into half because this new image expressed the circle by showing only its half. So, ‘Married’ is the perfect word you use because it was intentional *to imply* the other half (exists) of the circle; but it is unseen! Also, that the image displayed ‘like so’ reminded me of a rainbow, so it pleased me very much – back then, and apparently, always.

      I often conceptualize consciousness as a pool of water. So, I picture this (my writing) as the water of consciousness reflecting the upper half of heaven onto it: Thus forming a circle. Not to mention how a rainbow is really a circle… (as well as an optical illusion). Something that you also keyed in on in your comment, when you wrote “our dreams can ease the discord of reality.” Discord is a perfect geometric/astrological word.

      Finally, a few other little thoughts/details that are less universal, and speak more specifically about my astro signature:

      For me, this is the union of the Sun/Moon = Mercury (my natal planetary picture). Mercury is the duality merger of two halves.

      Each “planet” is in its domicile: Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer. Fire (sun) and Water (moon) = Rainbow.

      Finally, the rays of the sun on the horizon, like a setting semi-circle, reflect my 7th house Sun at sunset.

      Thank you for noticing my header being married to my rainbow post!! Sometimes it’s difficult to explain what I have done. But, I hope I will improve at this in time! Sometimes it’s a secret.

      The first rainbow image I drew and then photographed head-on; it looks like a rainbow wall, (sometimes it feels dense and impenetrable), but it’s really a road, a walkway – when seen from a different dimension.

      As Julie pointed out: it is a portal. This was also my intention to suggest, but I wasn’t sure other people were seeing it the same way – as a universal symbol; a portal.

      I juxtaposed the two images: one of vertical rainbow lines (the first picture) and the other of a rainbow-lit pathway. The white spaces in the rainbow-wall suggest the negative-space as in a 3-D drawing; and the space in the hallways are where the numinous moves.

      Finally, I used these new school supplies to remind myself how much I love rainbows – and MY sisters ❤ All of them, blood relatives and soul-friend included.

      The image of the little indian girl. That is me. I am one of the rainbow warriors. My earliest artwork has been showing me a lot about things that I only later heard prophesied.

      I have no idea if what I wrote made any sense. I've always enjoyed more-so the making/experiencing of art rather than any explaining of it.

      ❤ Love, Ka

      1. well not sure why you did not announce it but happy 4 years of blogging. You started March 2011 and today is March 11th, so we are “on time” love, Linda

      2. Yes!! Thank you. I think it’s just that I’ve been really busy – and so my multi-dimensional self has had to regulate more of this stuff… ❤ I think I'm going to re-blog my first post.

      3. Oh, Linda… So much has happened since the dawn of my blog. I can’t believe it. Maybe at some point I’ll write about that, too? I don’t know, for now I have wood to chop and water to carry. Memorize like I have never memorized before… the result is abundantly messy – as I put more in – more comes out 😛

        Love you!

  2. Hi Ka,

    This post made me ponder your header image also. Then I read your note to Linda, and I feel I need to print it and just put it under my pillow tonight. My takeaway was that you are meaning in motion, and that the whole universe is a sparkling, ever-changing rendition of a changeless perfection. With astounding, cosmic machinery. Planetary bodies moving faster than we can comprehend through the silence.

    I loved the sketches. Reminded me of Crayola markers, and using the fat side of the wedged tip to make rainbows, one marker at a time. What sketch was complete without a rainbow!?


    1. Hi Michael,
      I’m jazzed by your response. I’m thinking about what you gather by ‘meaning in motion.’ It’s funny cuz I can’t put my “mental finger” on that phrase – which is precisely why I like it! Hmm… thanks for liking the sketches. My inner child is very happy to have a bigger refrigerator to put them on. Those markers were the best (the ones you are referring to in your comment). Now they make erasable markers that actually work! The only thing is that they are little bit expensive and they don’t last very long – which is why I shouldn’t have taken liberty with coloring a big rainbow. Well, back to studying for me. Can’t wait to check out your blog.

      1. I was reminded in reading this of being in first or second grade and making these sketches of cliffs with birds flying near them or over them. I am laughing as I remember how painstakingly I drew the topography of the cliff face– all the little juts and jags. I must have been knee-deep in the innocence of fractals… 🙂 We teach ourselves so much when we’re young… Like seeds we can harvest later!


      2. Hi Michael,
        Considering your comment, I’m looking at your avatar image? gravatar image? Yeah… I see your current blog header, too. I get it. Knee-deep in innocence. Where else is there to be, but in reverence?

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