Editorial Commentary on the nature of the Planet and me.

Though I am definitely a runner, I’ve never been very good at keeping my head in the sand for long. There’s just too much to do, and there’s good enough reason to demonstrate strength and leadership in this world, or at the very least, aspire to it. This morning I read articles related to the mass extinction warning. You can read about it here, in the article posted by the Guardian recently. It’s also been plastered all of the news for the last 3 days.

But, before I get to the pulp:

As you know I write about astrology and other subjects. I write about my personal experiences. I share stories and write poems. This blog, Fiestaestrellas.com, is my place to play. This is my sandbox. It’s also the place where I celebrate the mysterious genius, without a need to be overly literal, nor ever-so completely precise (my natal Jupiter return in Virgo is coming up). I even give myself ample freedom to be grammatically incorrect; that is, when it serves my need to shuttle out and create from the compost of my being.

Well, this morning, as predictably loyal as my imaginary dog, so is my imaginary newspaper. I’m making a joke here, because I read on the internet, just like all of you. Definitely do not come to me for your news. Sometimes, inwardly, I wish I could be more like the onion.com; all this reverence I have for life and living is often balanced with the irreverent jokes and gallows humor. A gal has her own survival to keep abreast. My real point is that I don’t really follow hype.

I’m not the first person to run to a trendy topic (at least knowingly). I also don’t allow myself to get wind of the “next asteroid that is set to kill us.” I believe that it’s possible we may die via asteroid – end of story. That’s something I can do the least little bit about. Every day is a day I, or someone that I love, could die. What more do I need to know?  I’ve enough personal drama to keep my inner Monk busy tidying and cleaning mirrors, that I like to keep the engine of my life well-oiled and humming, at a reasonable, ‘steady and ready’ speed. I think I’ll register-trademark “Steady and ready.” If you beat me to it, good for you. You karmically owe me now. 🙂

Back to the stuff that distresses me:

Passages from the Guardian that claim conservative estimates in this mass extinction scenario:

“Caballos and colleagues have thought through these difficulties, and come up with probably the most robust estimate yet of how severe the modern crisis is.

They have been deliberately conservative – they’re well aware of the dangers of crying wolf on a topic of such importance, and where passions run so high.”

From another article, more recently published, ScienceAlert:

Such dramatic biodiversity loss will also put humans in danger within just three generations, the team estimates, particularly if we also lose crucial pollinators such as the honeybee.

How does a person decide on a future, or their children’s future, or their children’s childrens’ futures in these conditions? How does a responsible person overcome the idea that the cradle of the world has not even a rattle to calm them in the face of ultimate destruction? Where will this planet be? How likely is it that the future that we dream of for our loved-ones of the future can come into play? We will return to our regularly scheduled sandbox play, momentarily. Meanwhile, here’s a quote from Margaret Atwood that reminds me of the importance of my own writing, thinking, brainstorming, my own liberation through fire. To me, liberation means solution, and I will always make my contribution to the discussion, whether or not I do it with ‘cheerios,’ or my own strong opinions. Nevertheless, who should put so much responsibility on future generations?! I pause…for Margaret Atwood now…

“The genesis of a poem for me is usually a cluster of words. The only good metaphor I can think of is a scientific one: dipping a thread into a supersaturated solution to induce crystal formation. I don’t think I solve problems in my poetry; I think I uncover the problems.” Margaret Atwood

This editorial was inspired by my quote challenge, given to me by my dear friend, Aquileanna at La Audacia de Aquiles: El Mundo Visible es Sólo un Pretexto. I definitely changed it around a bit. One quote is from an author, while the rest are from newspapers. I suppose it’s just like me to spin on my feet, and try to make a ‘basket’ in another court. Let’s keep shooting for the team-earth, friends. You can respond to the challenge any way that you like – as far as I am concerned. Definitely check out Aquileanna’s post at

Aquileanna, I am expediting this post because I have got work to get to… so, I copied and pasted your beautiful layout. I hope you don’t mind!!!  Giving you credit for your beautiful blogging craftsmanship!

💫Quote Challenge💫 

My blogger friend, Aquileanna, invited me for a so called 3-Day Quote Challenge.

The rules of the challenge are: ♠Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for three (3) posts in a row. ♠Thank the person who nominated you. ♠Pass it on to three (3) other bloggers per quote, each time you post them. Or pass it to nine (9) bloggers if you choose to post all the quotes together, in the same post. (CHECK)

⚠ Note: I will post the three (3) quotes at once. Thus I will nominate nine (9) Bloggers. 

My nominees for the Quote Challenge are:

Litebeing Chronicles

Sue Dreamwalker

Through the Peacock’s Eyes

Peace Love and Patchouli

Embracing Forever

Elemental Fraction

Quantum Hermit

Dewin Nefol

Seize One Day

I’m glad that I did this post, even if it wasn’t the original direction that I was headed. I hope that all of you find something valuable and surprising in your own quote challenges.  Wishing you a delightful day, regardless of whatever we face in the world! Our creativity is needed here!

Image credit: http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/

Finally, for your consideration: I offer this song as my embedded prayer and continuous hope:

25 thoughts on “Editorial Commentary on the nature of the Planet and me.

  1. Hi Ka,

    Thanks for this post and for my nomination, While 3 quotes don’t immediately come to mind, I enjoy challenges that bring our community together in new ways.

    While I have not taken the time to read your links, I did read about extinction online recently. It made me think of the TV shows and films I have enjoyed recently like Interstellar and Wayward Pines that point to an Earthly dystopia. Often I scratch my head and ask why are we still headed in this direction? But as Uranian goddesses, we are often way ahead of the pack.

    My only approach is to love myself and Dexter better. Being the love, being an example, etc.

    Namaste, Linda

    1. Hi Linda,
      I updated my “about” section today, still trying to wrap my mind around what I’ve been up to here. Your statement, “But as Uranian goddesses, we are often way ahead of the pack” coincided well with the element that I added there today: Princess Mononoke, and specifically the forest/tree spirit in that film. I’m still developing upon the tree themes, the relationship to the stars, and trying to describe something I only get “glimpses” into.

      I love your approach, Linda; it’s similar to mine.

      I’d give Dex a little gentle pat on the head, and wish you both a good night; all tucked in and safe. I’m not yet familiar with the shows/films you that mentioned in your comment. Interesting again, the synchronicity… the constant and endless and neat synchronicity.
      Namaste, Ka

  2. Smiling… They popped into my head immediately – my 3 quotes. I’ll work on the others, after I do these first three! Thank you and many blessings for thinking of me. I not only like a challenge, but need them. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this post Ka.. And thank you for nominating me… I am behind with Aquileana’s post yet again.. Nothing new there, as I will take these blogging breaks and indulge in selfish time 🙂 LOL..
    3 quotes all at once I could do.. And have a theme.. I think in my head after watching a film the other evening. Nelson Mandela- film long walk to freedom… I think I could weave a post around that.. Don’t hold your breath though.. I am just loading some allotment photo’s 🙂
    Enjoy your day… x Hugs Sue

    1. Hi Sue,
      You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing what you post! Always, you need to take care of you 🙂 I had no idea that I was going to write what I wrote here. It just sort of happened. I’m going to do my best not to hold my breath! 😉 The allotment photos are beautiful. Just finished up midterms. I’ll be visiting again soon. xo Ka

  4. Hi Ka,

    Somehow I missed this one… but I like the idea of sharing a few favorite quotes, so will get to working on this and put something approximating a response together… I never know quite what to make of the world assessments, or the rightness or wrongness of the various forms that “change” takes. If once accepts that change is inevitable, I wonder if studies like the one you quote lack some deeper cosmic perspective on what is happening… I don’t know. Haven’t a clue… I just know that all I can be is the best and truest and fullest and brightest that I can muster, and let the chips fall… I do so enjoy having a few bright lights to turn to, though, like this refuge you have created here!


    1. Hi Michael,
      It’s easy to miss me perhaps?! I hope not… oh well, we have so many things these days competing for our attention. I do hope to be able to provide a refuge here, and a little bit of discourse from time to time. I so appreciate your visits and comments. I’m also so curious what you might whip up with that brilliant mind of yours. And/or, what may flow from your being at this particular prompting…I don’t know what to make of world assessments, either. Sometimes, however, I do try to lend my mind to this sometimes futile grasping as what is ‘made public,’ and who studied what, when, and how… I feel it necessary for me to take up the slab of Earth work that I am capable of – but God only knows what I am capable of…and maybe Jesus and Hafiz, and slew of other ascended Master personalities – they may have a clue. It’s good to call on all our resources 🙂 When you say, “I just know that all I can be is the best and truest and fullest and brightest that I can muster, and let the chips fall… ” I feel as though I am in complete alignment with you. Thank you for your blessings, and will send some forth to you as well.
      With Love, Ka

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    I’d love to drop in that quote from ‘the matrix’ that discusses mankind as a virus that destroys its resources without regard for its future survival right about now. but, I pretty much just did. Yeah. we’ve got problems.

    I pray this earth and most of its creatures can survive us. That’s all I can say on this. It’s not optimistic, I know. but it’s realistic. we, as a destructive, soul-sucking life force on this planet, have no interest in fixing the problems we’ve created anytime soon. Example: I recently read the feedback on a global warming article in a major newspaper, and 95% of the reader commentary was: “This isn’t really a problem”. Ummmm, yeah.

    Point it, until people-with-money’s lives are directly in peril, (they are starving, their houses are blown apart by tsunamis, the oceans flood like Noah’s time, and the horsemen of the apocalpyse show up on prime time TV with neon signs saying “The end is nigh”), we aren’t going to do anything. The masses are in denial, because to change things would mean deviation from our systems – which, btw, are inherently designed to fail. Take our handling of the ebola crisis. and fukashima. Take our monetary systems, our agriculture systems, and our energy sourcing. The systems our society is based on inherently benefit the few at the expense of the planet and the many. You see where i’m going with this —- Dead End city.

    Still, Thanks for sharing the gospel of our dire situation. Part of the human condition is to deny obvious peril in the hopes it will disappear, and then to go shopping at the mall for more stuff we don’t need. (yep, i’m not immune, though I didn’t have kids, so I kind of did my part to save the planet for a few seconds longer.) Strange behavior for a species that carries every past slight upon its shoulders (no matter how small) as an affront to the future in order to create wars and stock resources unnecessarily. You’d think as a species that thrives on fear we’d do everything we could to avoid this coming death storm… nope. We’re sailing right into it, on melting icebergs, with double chocolate frappacinos and ipads and netflix episodes blasting at full volume.

    Lets see how bad this gets in our lifetimes. Maybe, just maybe, bad enough for people to stop treating this planet as a big toilet to be crapped in until it can’t take anymore. The Earth, and its poor, innocent creatures, can only hope.

    o and om.

    1. Just have to add that on a positive note, I do think this planet will survive us. She’s made it through worse. We’re another notch on her billion year belt. As such, life is precious. We must enjoy our time and blog and quote and share. And keep rants like mine to the safest corners of discourse, where they won’t be mistaken for bitter kvetching or scare mongering, but as productive talks towards working resolutions to real problems.
      Hope you didn’t mind me letting out a big one in your comments section.

      Much love always,
      and, of course, hugs,
      O and OM

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