Story of One

From the beginning
There was no beginning.
You and I were One.
And One, times One,
equals One.

It’s math for witnesses
It is Math
for multipliers,
Math for the pregnant

Who among them are
Male & Female
Yin and Yang

There’s a quality to the One,
which has Two basic flavors.

Each within and without.

From the beginning
There was no beginning.
Then there was One Who Observed Day and Night.

Poem & Photography by ©2015 Ka Malana

14 thoughts on “Story of One

  1. Very cleverly created poem Ka… Yes I loved reading Neale Donald Walsch’s C.W.G. books… and the explanation of Oneness.. 🙂 Here’s to everything and nothing.. And to the past yet not created! within the Now of Creation..

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend Ka… Love and Blessings.. Hugs Sue ❤

  2. Hey Ka,

    Your poem is absolutely superb…eloquent elegance penned from a single point of perfection and spiralling like a double helix, your words seem to flex both inwards and outwards as if a mandala in the act of breathing and yet, without pause between beginning and end your elegant form is timeless, seamless, constant and consistent and wholly contained within the perfected heart of a circle. A beautiful composition, and one most certain to be treasured I think 🙂

    Just one question…with which delightful quill did you write this sensational verse with? Eagle? Unicorn? 🙂


    DN – 27/06/2015

    P.S: I came across a new word today, or perhaps was reminded of one that I had forgotten: Annulus – the figure bounded by and containing the area between two concentric circles, or a ring-shaped part, figure, or space. It is a word finding use from around 1560 in Medicine and Biology, perhaps as a misspelling of the Latin term annulus meaning “little ring, finger ring”. I believe it is a term applied to the growth rings in trees. I found it a wonderful word to share.

    1. Dear Dewin,
      The annulus is often used to describe the ring of light from an eclipse! It’s a beautiful word. Thank you for bringing here its collection of meanings and sharing it with us. It’s interesting how the ‘ring as annulus’ comment dovetails with my recent Full Moon in Capricorn post. I’m thinking now of how Saturn sometimes is referred to as ‘Lord of the Rings.’ Of course now we may think of the movie references, too! Blogging is quite Epic!

      I do think that the ring from an annulus – the space between two concentric circles on a plane – is far more magical than the the rings formed around a planet. That’s my momentary preference. There’s still a lot of curiosity remaining about the origination of the sun glyph that we use in astrology that first appeared in the Renaissance. If you are not familiar, it is a hollow circle with a dot inside of it. And, if you see my post on the, I bring up my curiosity about how historically Saturn and the Sun were once confused or inter-changeable?; that is, referred to with the same name, and beyond that several references go deeper than that, adding to my further intrigue.

      There’s a book written that goes into the Electric Universe, but at this point, the subject matter is a bit of a bunny hole that my schedule will not allow for me to enter. From what I read, the Electric Universe has been proved incorrect based on a number of reasons, but mostly only physicists have the knowledge required to have deeply intelligent conversations about it. I say this with respect to the depth of study, any study, which requires individuals to communicate within a similar language, that language being their foundational material. However, upon skimming the surface, it would appear that the parties: “those who believe in and support Electric Universe” (a hypothesis) and “those who do not see the proof for it, and feel that it is a closed door, and there are much more interesting things to explore…” parties don’t seem to get along very well. I suppose this is why I never became a scientist. Artists seem to get along better. 🙂 Then again, seems it’s best when the subjects are married: art and science.

      Wishing you a delightful weekend,

      1. Hey Ka,

        Thank you! Yes indeed, upon your kindly reminder here, I do recall its use, only recently in fact, during the last full eclipse when a technically minded work colleague was explaining the science behind an eclipse. I was intrigued and listening closely, but remember little other than a poignant period of stillness at the heart of the eclipse and the trace of primordial panic passing like a fleeing shadow as the umbilical cord was temporarily severed.

        I found the word ‘annulus’ playful in the appealing thought of acquiring, forming, or growing an annulus for every twelve months of life as a symbol of our years, of completion of cycles, of the deepest connections to nature, of agelessness, of transition, of permanence and impermanence, and of expansion over time.

        LoTR is cinematic enchantment 🙂 The books are perhaps more wonderful still (have you read them?) but I think Peter Jackson did a superb job.

        The tie in to Saturn, and your symbolic curiosity peeked my interest. I had not been aware Saturn and the Sun had been regarded in that way before. My knowledge of Astrology is not as educated as yours and I’d be keen to read any follow up article you may post. Again, the fascination is in the historical perspective and the culture influencing change….how does an emblematic principle evolve and grow, or its correspondences develop over time, and more importantly why? Fascinating stuff.

        Science or Art. Now that is the question! Isn’t the crafting of the mind as a tool to express either form an art in and of itself? I believe both minds sit on the fringes of life to better gleam an impression of truth and both strive tirelessly to convert abstraction into expression, seeking to always to determine the essence of Beauty within the fundamental form.

        Your poem is radiant 🙂

        Thank you for your extended reply. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


        DN – 04/07/2015

      2. Hi Dewin,
        The pleasure of dialogue is mine 🙂 I appreciate how you express this experience of the eclipse, “a poignant period of stillness at the heart of the eclipse and the trace of primordial panic passing like a fleeing shadow as the umbilical cord was temporarily severed.” It’s very similar to the way I experienced the annular solar eclipse in May of 2012, at Canyon De Chelly, AZ. It’s also the way I envisioned how those living in antiquity may have experienced the eclipse – potentially without a lot of understanding for what was occurring from a scientific or less visceral/empathic point of view. I remember being awestruck by the behavior of the birds, and the unique quality of refracted light. All summed up as a truly unique moment on the planet – unusual indeed. RE: “LoTR is cinematic enchantment 🙂 The books are perhaps more wonderful still (have you read them?)” I must admit I only read parts of LoTR, most memorable to me were the Ents, which I felt weren’t given enough ‘voice’ in the films. As to your words here, “Isn’t the crafting of the mind as a tool to express either form an art in and of itself? YES! It’s amazing ‘to make’ an instrument from the mind (of the mind?); it is transcendent. We’ve got unlimited possibilities for its expression as well as layers of interpretation and philosophy. How could interpretation exist outside of culture? What is culture without some amount of shared experience? Perhaps the artist studies beauty as a form of meditation…
        …and, for the experience of ~interchangeability~ between form and beauty…

      3. Hey Ka,

        Thank you Ka…I also enjoy the ebb and flow of our meandering streams momentarily mingling to share a trickling thought…

        Your eclipse experience, memorable within the Canyon De Chelly would have outshone mine due to your stunning location, but I think we shared a similar experience…you sensed its subtlety and drama, its eeriness and its ancient echo.

        ‘We’ve got unlimited possibilities for its expression as well as layers of interpretation and philosophy.’ – this is so true, being creative is about finding out what else one might be capable of doing, understanding, or achieving…of being inspired to reach beyond our grasp.

        I like the feel in your thinking Ka, your last line is wonderfully succinct, and expresses beauty as a uniquely sensed experience found through observation and internalisation. I find both art and science purposefully reflect the purity of the experience, and both produce wonderful poetry if viewed as the distillation of conceptualised thought…. Relativity in 5 symbols, wow!

        I agree ‘form’ and ‘beauty’ play as two slippery dolphins and one never knows which will lead the other in the moment, a mood may be so easily persuaded. But are they singularly unique or symbiotic in their relationship and sensuous interplay?

        You mention ‘interchange-ability’, and I thought of how well it related to annulus as a description of overlapping areas, and if not the overlapping area itself, then the transitory stages before and after their overlap. I am reminded of stillness and dynamism…as a tangible aside…an animator has several methods available to them to streamline the movement of a drawn object. One method is called overlapping frames…images describing movements that begin before the preceding movement is complete. The insertion of an additional frame into a length of film doesn’t slow the film speed, but allows the movement between frames to feel more realistic, more natural. Aesthetic illusion

        You leave two questions at the end of your comment. To the first…I think there is always room for a freethinking, creative individual to move freely within a culture without being overwhelmed by it, or losing one’s sense of personal identity within it. Whilst I am to degrees a product of my years, my time and place and to the unique experiences that have moulded and/or influenced me, I believe a larger part of remains determined to be open-hearted, open-eyed, and discerning: accepting what cannot be changed and changing what cannot be accepted and in the process expressing an intention of realising an individual sense of truth. Over a lifetime I hope to grow as a jigsaw of parts and who knows, maybe one day complete a single picture 🙂

        Lovely to chat 🙂


        DN – 05/07/2015

  3. Hello Ka,

    I am savoring this cosmic bulletin. I think the picture of the road through the desert that accompanies this post was a picture in one of the very first posts here on which I commented. The two times seem to be the same, but different. One, yet distinctly so. An annulus in time linked by these two doorways. I love what has emerged for me, from hanging out with a cosmic appreciator such as yourself… taking part in all the holy witnessing

    There was One Who Observed Day and Night, and now there are all of us, surrounded by that whirling desire. You continue to inspire, my friend!

    Much Love

    1. Hi Michael,
      Isn’t that neat how the photo went ‘full circle’ for us here? When I chose it for this poem, it really chose me 🙂 I took that photo during Christmas. I’m still savoring this poem that forged its own way into existence…
      Thank you so much,

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