Hunger for Life

Cannot fall for deception when
hungry for life.

There’s an angel inside of me
her name is ‘faith.’

Life is eating, breathing, loving.
Loving is the eternal present

Every face is beauty
and it always works out somehow.
I don’t know how how, but it does!

The angel and the warrior in me
are merging. The face of what I cannot
see, nor need to believe.

I am alive now. What matters is
all the past is now gone. There’s this
wonderful now moment, even in the midst of fear.

I do not fear fear today.
Moving toward my life, living in my breath.
What other temple is there?

Sitting at the alter of my broken shadow,
loving all parts, and trusting in the sacred.
Seeing the monsters on the walls have
shapes that form into smiles, too.

I will hug myself through it.
I CAN do it!

Today I don’t have survivor’s guilt. Today I DO for my family, for my sangha.

Today I find a little bit more bravery than I had yesterday.

20 thoughts on “Hunger for Life

  1. You did indeed have more inside of that spaciousness that birthed the previous poem, Ka! I felt nurtured by this one, like you are telling us about the light inside you– and it reminds us we share that… I loved the angel and the warrior merging, too… The paradoxes of this lived experience no longer confuse when this joining occurs– instead they light the way…


    1. Dear Michael,
      I’m so glad that you felt nurtured by this poem, that you could
      enjoy the presence of ~us all~ in this poem. ❀
      Glad that the inspiration lit for you as it did for me. The night before was such
      a long one, shadows everywhere. By daybreak, I was free again. My angel of light
      recovered, and washing over me.

      The spaciousness is opening
      as a result of the work generated within me, and as a result of a clearing within me,
      there's the expression of it shuttling out,
      as I continuously add more energy through training!
      Much Love, Ka

  2. Hey Ka,

    You’ve always been a Warrior of Light and an exemplary Force of Nature. The two collide and the heart plays its melody to the beat of a single drum. Didn’t the image that accompanied your Morning Walk post all those months ago feature a red Sun kissing the expansive ocean…was that not the Angelic Fire that illuminates the depths of you?

    Your poem is inspired! Your pen is your sword, your faith a steely shield, and your swollen heart a vessel that knows only triumph through Love.


    DN – 12/09/2015

    1. Hey Dewin,

      Yes! There was an image just as you described! That was a special morning as well, the moon swelled in the sky.

      These days I have evening classes (morning, afternoon, and eve), so I may not be arising so early ~ We shall see!
      My weekends are mostly given to study as well, despite whatever else I can squeeze in. Time with my husband, gardening, living, working! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your very kind and warm presence here! Your support is so appreciated!

      Aloha, Ka

      1. Hey Ka,

        An enchanted morning indeed! I know I shall not forget its balmy mystery πŸ™‚

        Ah yes, Time, that winged old man with his hourglass of slippery sand: how well we come to know him and understand the mystery of his ways. There are days when one wishes he’d turn the hourglass over, or at the very least angle it slightly to slow the fall of sand when there is always so much to achieve! But you seem to do a far better job than I of fulfilling all your expectations, obligations, personal choices and loving commitments. I don’t know how you achieve such perfect balance but it is most inspiring πŸ™‚

        You know I always find it a pleasure to be here and share the company of your galvanising words. Thank you Ka.

        Have a wonderful weekend and a splendid week ahead. Take care.


        DN – 12/09/2015

      2. Dear Dewin,
        I’m sure you do a great job πŸ™‚ You sure do here, and there, and everywhere I’ve seen you! πŸ™‚ Thanks for wishing me a splendid week ahead. Same to you! Enchanting walks, and a deep sense of presence and connectedness. Life is brilliant on most days, afterall…the hour glass is something the universe gives us so we feel like we’ve got progress. In reality, we are all in perfect balance under the right gaze. I hope for my words to be received as an offering, always.
        Aloha, Ka

      3. Dear Ka,

        ‘In reality, we are all in perfect balance under the right gaze.’ How beautifully you delineate and express a larger truth, thank you πŸ™‚ What an inspiration you are!

        Your words are always accepted with the warmth and generosity with which they were intended. Again, thank you πŸ™‚


        DN – 13/09/2015

      1. Always glad to share my thoughts here Ka, whether they are wise or not, well, we just say what we feel, and sometimes I re read words I say, and wonder Did I say that? Lol.. Big Hugs Sue

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