Creating a *daily* “DONE LIST”

Morning Glory_Ka Malana's Garden

When building a new schedule, and accessing “just what is it that I need to do during my day?” I create a “done” list. I started doing this a little while back, and it’s offered me:

  • A sense for my own accomplishments
  • A sense of peace about my vision for the future (& the present)
  • A sketch into the real-world of my life in terms of my values

Today as I created my morning “done list” which consisted of meditations of various types, as well as fixing the bed, making breakfast, eating, dishes, cleaning, reading/writing, taking care of my plants, visualizing, stretching, communing with my self, and then others. I was able to see that there are sets of actions and values that I’d need to prioritize and sort out. Without my daily “done-list,” I’d be thinking I accomplished nothing – which while good in certain contexts, is not so good in others.

Wishing everyone a happy, smooth, peaceful, productive, enjoyable, pleasant day – filled with the sweet breeze of accomplishment and a self-renewing sense of peace. _/1\_

5 thoughts on “Creating a *daily* “DONE LIST”

  1. Hey Ka,

    My word I’m impressed by your dynamism and organisational skills, you do seem to squeeze an awful lot into one morning so effortlessly! 😀 Sometimes I struggle just to make it out of bed and out of the front door (and most of that on auto-pilot I think) never mind having time to consider much else lol 🙂 You’ve set a standard here for others to consider, and I may just take a second look at my morning processes to iron out a few habitual creases left in the unfixed bed or washing up bowl 😉 Most days, the opportunity to reflect upon and derive a sense of accomplishment from the numerous to-ings and fro-ings of a busy 14 hours occurs in the moments before lights out, and by then it is a little late to make corrections. It appears all to easy sometimes to become unwittingly bogged down by obligation and necessity, and this always to the detriment of living. As such, weekends become exceptionally valued, every hour is precious, and I readily admit to getting a little selfish with my time…perhaps that is something I could indeed change and improve upon.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you for months if you’ve recommenced your very early morning walks? I didn’t see it included in your list above? I recall a Blog you posted many months ago describing the magic to be found sitting quietly in the stillness before sunrise and listening to the Earth draw breath to announce the wake of a new day. I often recall that specific post whilst sipping a coffee and waiting for sunrise to breach the horizon. There really is an enchanted moment, a pregnant pause before a birthing of life, when stillness prevails and nature waits in anticipation of warmth and light. I watch as flocks of chattering birds gather in unison upon rooftops and boughs as if impelled by some mystery to assemble on a convenient perch and then silently turn to face the Sun. Their timing is impeccable; their placated voice silenced until the first arc of emerging Light diminishes their spellbound reverie, and life bursts forth in the melody of song. It is a beautifully embracing moment in which to feel immersed within eternity, and I know why you walk at that hour.

    Thank you for posting your accomplished thoughts…did you tick Blog post off the list? 😉

    Hoping all is well in everyway.

    Namaste 🙂

    DN – 08/09/2015

  2. Hi Dewin,
    It’s delightful to hear from you, and it really put a smile to my face.
    I think, looking back, the “daily done list” was just a technique I used to this morning as I started my new schedule, and realizing it’ll likely take me awhile to get into the swing of things, I went for whatever I could think of to bring myself some strength in the face of new challenges on a new (and also the same) journey. That early morning walk you are referring to, I remember it, too. I’m glad that you were also able to share it with me. I’m back to my classes now, and the lessons are all the more rigorous. I am also just trying to keep writing here as best as I can. I am glad that you came by to visit, and to remind me of that wonderful morning walk and the wonderful peace and sense of newness in the air.
    Hugs, Ka

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