Sing. out. :) ( : Sing. In.


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May I sing daily?
The song that decorates
my home

is very cozy, even while
the rains, hails, and sideways storms
do their storm-thing against

my windows.

Your heart is my church.
I live in you, for you.
This is not the doormat love, but I do
I welcome you.

Please spin around in my color whirl,
for I have built you
a home in my home.


22 thoughts on “Sing. out. :) ( : Sing. In.

  1. Love to Sing, and I enjoyed your poem.. along with the photo graphic πŸ™‚ Long may you have a Song in your Heart Ka.. and keep perfect pitch πŸ™‚ Love for a Peaceful weekend.. Sue x

    1. Thank you, Fim! I’m so glad that you can breathe here and rest,
      and more to come, because today is camera day!
      I think I’ve got some palm trees with your name on them,
      somewhere around here. πŸ˜‰ You’ll see. Maybe they’ll turn up soon!

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