Life in Dialogue

Living is in our actions.
It is in our breaths,
our footsteps,
our pulses.

When we give a word, we extend our hands.
When we open our eyes to the written word,
we open up our ears, too.

When we read, we lend our shoulders.
When we read, we become tripods upholding a vision

Opening and closing
at just the right time,
to let in the light –

and just enough,
and not too much.

at once.

We      are       book-stands
for the young –
supporting small hands everywhere.

Let us support the growing, the honest, the innocent; the undefined.

The process.


My life is long-lived and ripe.
I want to grow around you and all through you.
I am the vine of life.

Enjoy me speaking with you, through you.
Divining with you.

Together WE are God and Goddess.

Let none claim which is which.

For I am a witch who will not tell.

20 thoughts on “Life in Dialogue

  1. Wow! The unreally real content of the message reminds me of Mercury (as mentioned in this link, i guess it takes some tuning in to impregnate words with such spirit. In my thusly line of thought, you are likely in the practicing phase of it (and I probably in “ohh there is something shining in there like a flash on a pan” stage). Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Atxero!
      Thank you very much! I am delighted that you added this link, as I have been one way or another “at this” since my very early days on the planet. When you write “unreally real,” I felt like my writing was understood. Sorry for my delayed response. You’re comment touched me right on the nose! lol
      I’m simply enjoying this new connection of ours!

      1. The universe does work in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? I have been more aware of synchronicities of late. Here there seems to be a ‘birds of a feather flocking together’ thing going on…at least from some of the ‘comment convos’ on posts and some of the Following and Followed that I have been happening lately (at least for me) …and what is interesting is that it seems like ‘what you seek is seeking you’ thing happening..and that is spooky. I am enjoying this connection too. Surreal but more real than I ever imagined illusion to be. Love the work you do. Looking forward to what else you have to say through your work. 🙂

  2. Beautiful thoughts here Ka… love what you have written here.. “We are book-stands
    for the young – supporting small hands everywhere. Let us support the growing, the honest, the innocent; the undefined………..The process.”

    Here’s to the Process as it begins to unfold 🙂 Love and Blessings.. Sue xx

  3. You have illuminated the beauty of extending our hearts into the world– letting them both nourish and be nourished. Such a joy it is to be circling around the soulful threads you weave, Ka! Wishing you a year of discovery, joy, and many a divine spark.

    Much Love

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