13 thoughts on “Art for Art’s Sake

  1. So pleased your post dropped into my reader just as I was about to close down for the weekend..
    Loved your creative cube.. What was that Einstein said? E = mc2 πŸ™‚ Could LOVE be that equation πŸ™‚
    Loved your art.. Have a blessed weekend dear Ka..
    Love Sue

  2. Metal cubes always seem like they are symbols my mind throws on the screen out of desperation when what’s really there cannot be parsed at all. Like instead of a wormhole that’s breathing fire, I just see a set of metal cube salt and pepper shakers.

    I love that colors don’t have boundaries…


    1. Hi Michael,

      Hehehe…. Salt and pepper shakers! I see them as you describe perhaps, and they are smiling!

      We do our best to envision what we can, let alone depict it, or represent it.
      Sometimes awareness just comes out in chunks, but it’s possible for awareness to burst forth all neat and packaged. Shiny even! Reflecting smiles, perhaps!

      I was doodling while working on a project, and there, next to my doodle was my trusty pyrite cube. Once upon a time I did an art installation piece in Pittsburgh with cubes. I am fascinated by cubes – probably as much as any shape, but this naturally occurring pyrite is a unique piece in my collection. I marveled at the way the cube reflected the image.

      Thanks for enjoying this composition. Your visit, thoughts, experiences, reflections are always welcome!

      Love, Ka

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