A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

This is a selection I wrote for MeMyMagnificientSelf, where we are encouraged to share our awakening experiences with others. This is Part II of a two part sequence. My participation is here, below, in Part II. I had recently met the other participants while Part I was taking place, and/or had already been completed.


Awakening used to sound like an ending to me, so complete, and total and full.

But, I think of it as this endless continuity. It is almost a complete engagement, and yet it is so dynamic that it is always “in the process” of being engaged.

There’s this idea that “one” has access to everything, all that has ever existed. But that is not just an idea; it is a sense – a smell, a quality to the nature of connectedness.

There’s still the personality, and of course because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the personality.

There’s just a sense of being beyond the capacity that one originally set out with in the life, and perhaps a sense of connectedness to all the other lives that came before, including the soul’s journey.

There’s this sense of not knowing what’s ahead, but being nearly absolutely certain, most of the time, that this gift of life keeps giving to us, to me, to everyone. There’s this sense of constantly being in reception with source. There’s a deep relationship with the cosmos and with the pain and suffering of the world, but not in a way that is gripping or feels identifying. There’s a sense of ‘coming and going’ and it just sort of improves over time. The witness who is watching is not really the subject, and there really is no object, but it is the peacefulness of center-point, and the culmination of pointlessness.

The emotions get deeper; the connections with others become richer. People in your family that you may have thought you didn’t “get along with” show you their spiritual love for you. Disagreements on the personality level do not affect the deep nature of the connection. The connections deepen. Family members start to feel understood and “seen” by you – as simultaneously the experience is mutual, and love enters where it the illusion was it was not. The veils on relationships keep lifting.

Awakening is a process – for this being it started in 2007, but the blueprints for it where there all along. The circumstances leading up to it, and in the beginning required a lot of releasing, a lot of acceptance into the path of the unknown. Meanwhile, all the support shows up. It can be rocky at times, even extremely difficult and painful, but ultimately awakening is the most brilliant gift to consciousness. It’s the kind of thing that spreads for those who are ripe and ripening. The clarity is what reigns, rises, and spreads, breaking up all the dross of thought, conditioning, and aberrant energy patterns. Awakening is final, but it isn’t done. It is like a seal that has opened and the energy from the container is decompressing over time.

Note: When I saw Barbara’s challenge show up in my inbox, I immediately penned the words above; it literally took me only about 2-3 minutes, if that. My own clarity on the prompt – as I experienced it unto myself – was surprising!

Next in the sequence is Julianne Victoria with Through the Peacock’s Eyes.

20 thoughts on “A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

  1. Hi Ka,
    So much of what you wrote resonates with me. It takes talent to describe the somewhat indescribeable. but you do quite well!

    Like here:
    There’s a deep relationship with the cosmos and with the pain and suffering of the world, but not in a way that is gripping or feels identifying. There’s a sense of ‘coming and going’ and it just sort of improves over time. The witness who is watching is not really the subject, and there really is no object, but it is the peacefulness of center-point, and the culmination of pointlessness.

    This has been my experience more and more. i am so glad you are part of this family and my life. Your “youness” is so beautiful and loving.

    ❤ to you, Linda

  2. How wonderfully spontaneous Ka… my prompt truly inspired you and that makes me so joyful. Yes as dear linda states, you describe the undescribable so understandable and exciting and this is what inspires others to allow themselves to journey in awareness, in consciousness that is indeed the gift of life itself.

    I see you’ve already included Julianne’s link. Thank you.

    Love to you, Barbara x

  3. Thanks for sharing how life unfolds like for you after awkening, Ka.

    “…but it is the peacefulness of center-point, and the culmination of pointlessness.”
    I like that observation and how you put it into words.

    Peace and joy,

  4. Amazing how such clarity strikes us as we re-awaken to all we previously knew. I am always in tune with your vibration dear Ka.. So I was not surprised to read how quickly you penned this entry..
    Or to learn how along that process we see how those within our families have helped shape and form us be it through encouragement or obstruction to delve deeper into our core strengths to dig deeper to pull them out of ourselves.

    Awakening is like you say, for me at least an on going process, you just keep on peeling back more layers as we discover again just who we are..

    Bless you for being who you are Ka… and I so thank Barbara for it was through her very first awakening series that I met so many AWAKE Sisters and Brothers..

    Love to you and enjoy you weekend Ka
    Much love Sue ❤

    1. Hi Sue,
      You really put a lot of ‘process’ into words here so wonderfully, my friend. Thank you for your visit, and your contribution to my process of unfoldment. I love how we can remind one another of our fellowship, and I am delighted that you visited and commented, sharing our kinship, while on such an important aspect of my journey ~ I am holding hands with our infinite through you and us. Obstruction and encouragement are both internally interpreted, and sometimes it takes that strength to build the discernment to find the clarity which appears to burst forth from nowhere. Wishing you a brilliant week ahead!
      Love Ka

  5. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    This so so beautiful, Ka. So much of what you said is my experience as well. The passage that I wanted to comment on is the exact passage Linda quoted, so I won’t do it again, but it vibrated inside my heart. The endless continuity of engaging with Source brings such peace. Thank you for sharing where you are now.
    Love and Blessings,

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  7. The expression here was timeless and beautiful, Ka. I felt like you opened up a little flap on my heart, plugged in a USB cable, and described what you saw in ways I hadn’t quite understood yet myself. There is perhaps an aspect to this awakening wave that unifies individual experiences into a larger movement, so that we literally “know” how one another are feeling, particularly when they strike such a chord as you have here…

    Joy and Gratitude!

    1. Hi Michael,

      I really felt like I replied to your comment, and yet I am here and see no response from me to you. So, I am opening up the little flap on your heart so I can whisper into it again, “I’m sorry but my reply must have been mimed with my own heart into the cosmos. I do hope you received the intent, and I do very much enjoy sharing what we share.”
      Thank you so much for your comment.

      Here’s a Hallelujah and the jazzy dizzy sound of a hi hat,

  8. “It is always in the process of being engaged” Love love love the clarity you bring to “our” continued awakening, bringing in all that was and will be is a continuing tapestry, with the beuaty of “personality”. My personal journey brings such clarity in relationship “to the oneness” of family and friends. Blessed to have my 84 year old father and 85 year old mother and father in law on this journey of opening as well! I wrote my challenge in about 5 minutes as well, lifting the veil on all ‘my protection” of my past. I “thought” I was going to write fluffy messages, yet universal “truth” came forward. Love to you my new friend…Heart to Heart Robyn Happy soltice!

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