pink clouds


What is in a pause
but a whisper for
pausing’s sake
another moment to breathe?

Art is artless by itself, no?

It needing language, culture
for its couch.

Let us sit awhile,
Can we do that?

I’d ask you
not to move while the needles
are in.

Somehow you understand this,
implicitly, and so you are still.

We both breathe deeply now.

Connecting with the Universe and

How much medicine do you need
when your heart is beating in
your chest, and the magical
offering of love is wallpapered so
freely in the puffy clouds above.

The only medicine I truly know,
is continuity.

24 thoughts on “Clouds.

  1. Hey Ka,

    How do you stretch to such heights from the root of your magic tree and touch the sky with the tip of an artists’ wand in the way you always do? 🙂

    Within your words I listen to the whisper of the universe. Within the spaces between your words I listen to the whisper of Chiron.

    Beautiful verse, and a sumptuous image. Thank you

    Take care 🙂


    DN – 11/03/2016

    1. Hi Fim,

      There was a sense of rolling in the continuity. There’s a tenderness to the sensation, much like the way a pulse (heart beat) can be described as “a turning pearl.” It’s full of Qi and Blood.

      Thank you, Blessings back to you my friend,

  2. Oh so emotional, dear friend! This part in particular:
    “I’d ask you
    not to move while the needles
    are in.”

    Such simple words with such profound feelings attached… Thank you for sharing your world with us in poetic form xx

  3. A beautiful piece, Ka. Continuity from each to each = Connection. Connecting with the universe and allowing, with a needle or to to assist us while we inhale the sky. It sounds wondrous. I am excited to hear these whispers of you exploring your gifts…


    1. Michael,

      We are coming and going here in this middle turf of written word. I love it!! ❤ Whispers continue to field us into places suggesting further investigation and travel. Life is wondrous. Slurping up the sky, and balancing out against the ground.

      Have a wonderful week,

  4. Before I stopped by here tonight, I don’t think I could have imagined words that would all at once make me feel like I was on an instant vacation, at home again, and as high as a kite. Don’t let go of the string, Ka! 🙂 xo!

  5. Beautiful… I floated up on high.. I could have used this image when I had my regular acupuncture last week 🙂 Your words were medicine for all who should read .. Have a wonderful week Ka.. 🙂 Love Sue

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