Desert Opening

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driving to the desert
we passed through clouds
sitting in valleys.

the fog was sometimes all around,
and sometimes beneath.

at times around bends,
the fog would dress over the lake
like a puffy white
shawl covering the shoulders
of a morning’s sunrise landscape.

frost glittered the land
from last night’s sky quaff,
while today some cows dot the hills
with their little calfs, eating and drinking
from one rumination.

hills meander, continuous and unbroken,
green and recent is
Spring’s beginning.

21 thoughts on “Desert Opening

  1. Reading this I feel at home and alive upon this Earth. Just the simple statements of what She is doing remind us of the calm and loving Nature in which we abide… I like that the land is quaffing the sky, too… getting a little giddy at night when no one is watching… waking with a little crust in the corners of her eyes that the light of day soon melts away… Lovely writing, Ka!


    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you! I think that the land has a marvelous time with all the little critters and its conversation with the sky! Because the desert gets very hot during the day, I imagine during night-time it is very active. Seeing the land diversity from the road to the desert, and then photographing it was majestic! Have a beautiful week ahead.

      Peaceful, Ka

    1. Thank you, Sue! There was a lot of contrast between the images we saw on the way to the desert – those descriptions in the lines of the poem, and with what the desert shared with us – in these photos that I captured. Have a wonderful week! Thanks for visiting! xo

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Beautiful, Ka! I love seeing the clouds nestled in the valleys – fog all around, sometimes beneath. Frost glittering the desert. Love the photographs.
    Happy Spring!

  3. Dearest Ka,
    Your verses paint a multi-layered tale of Spring Frolic and your photos are beyond exquisite. thank you for sharing your visions with us.

    Wishing you a renaissance of spirit and joy at the Equinox.

    love and laughter,

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am looking forward to hopping over to your personal Renaissance over at your blog. πŸ™‚ Happy Vernal Equinox ~ and Lunar Eclipse of sweet release! I am grateful for our Love and Laughter! I appreciate your visit very much, and am glad you enjoyed some Spring frolicking with me. Thank you. Namaste sister love.
      Aloha, Ka

    1. Hi Eric,
      Yes! I thought I recalled your writings about the landscapes here and also about what your surrounding landscape looks like now: The Sandia mountains? Gorgeous! We enjoyed an evening going up the lift there when we had driven across the country. Thank you dear for your blessings and wishing you more wondrous Spring light.

  4. The diversity of the earth can be seen in the various ways she seeds the earth. From the landscape she paints, to the people who walk it. You have a beautiful way of capturing this. Namaste Ma ❀

  5. What a glorious feeling caressed me through your words and your photos. The waking of The Mother! Thank you so much for this Soul Nurturing gift!
    I especially like the heart shaped cactus picture; it made me think of Valentine’s Cactus Cookies πŸ™‚

    Blessings to you as The Wheel Turns and brings us dreams of unfolding with All That Is!


    1. Hi Fim,

      Your comment whisked me away into that caress! I am so grateful to have a moment
      to find nourishment in the land and to bring it to share with you, and it’s so much sweeter that way.
      MMmmmm… Valentine’s Cactus Cookies. Do you have a recipe? I’m not familiar with these marvelous cookies you speak of. When I met those cacti I melted a little, you know.

      Thank you for bringing your magic to our dreams unfolding and the wonderful days we thread.


  6. Hey Ka,

    You’ve captured the impressionistic quality of place beautifully… like a fleeting glimpse, or passing moment, as you travelled through a changing landscape and felt her gently stir your heart and your thoughts. The land feels expansive and unending, and yet so intimate, as if worn like a shawl upon your shoulders.

    ‘Hills meander, continuous and unbroken, green and recent, is Spring’s beginning.’ There’s timelessness to these words, a sense of repeating cycles stretching back further than antiquity itself. Wonderful feeling of permanence and continuity, of vast age, and the reassurance that that provides, knowing life has always flowed forever and will always flow forever even long after our brief sojourn on Earth is over. I hope our recollection of the time spent here create images as wonderful as those here.

    Thank you Ka for sharing the magic of your visionary words πŸ™‚


    DN – 22/03/2016

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