Virgo’s Flowers + Dragon + Caterpillar

Bloggers might remember when the desert opened: the first visit and poem, here. In January of 2017, the poems from Fiestaestrellas were revised, compiled and given energy. The finished book, Art for Art, can be purchased here, which includes previously unpublished content.  Below is my offering to you. May your deserts blossom.


27 thoughts on “Virgo’s Flowers + Dragon + Caterpillar

  1. Thank you for this breath of fresh air! I like the contrast between the light, delicate flowers and the sturdy hills with the blue sky above….and that dragon!!!

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Lovely pictures, Ka!! Wow! Such brilliant color. I especially love the caterpillar.
    Could you please send some rain here to our Sangres de Christo mountains of northern NM? We are in a pretty bad drought right now. Need some moisture. In fact, whoever reads this, please send us rain. And btw, Ka’s book is soooooo GREAT! I encourage everyone to push that button and get one!

    1. Hi Mary!!!
      Each caterpillar is different. You can just FEEL that. I looked at a picture of Sangres de Christo – beautiful! I saw storms in 2014. Hope you get some moisture soon! Thank you for your love and appreciation of Art for Art – it’s so encouraging in the most caring way! When we receive and give what we receive, it feels like it completes a delicate circuit of life, it generates more energy for giving more. Looking forward to more pictures from you on your gorgeous blog. I thought of you while I was out there – how we don’t know what we are photographing (even if we think we do!)
      So much love to you my dear friend,

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