The Play of Existence

“It’s tricking you, because at the moment, you are trickable, you have an investment in voice of the mind.”

Let the mind be… mind no mind to the mind… Hahahaha.
❤ Happy Lunar Eclipse folks. Gotta love astrology, and the transcending of it.

Fiesta Estrellas

This video is about the importance of embodying knowledge and practice, in particular, the practice of Vipassana. How does Mooji manage to explain this through the story of a vampire movie? He speaks of scent – the ways we can detect what is true, or resonant with what is being said with the ‘mind.’

I think he’s actually talking about Fright Night here, a movie which had me clawing at my face in fright as a child, and recently had me laughing out loud as adult. I have so much empathy for her. “It is not to blame, it is something that is the play of existence,” says Mooji.  ❤  “The buddha is in you, but you are keeping it in the closet.” ❤

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14 thoughts on “The Play of Existence

  1. I’ve love to hear your thoughts, Aleya. I’ve watched this particular video several times. At first I thought it was just because I enjoyed hearing Mooji retell the Fright Night movie plot with his whole Mooji-flavor. I had been listening to him on and off since about 2010ish. But the question about Vipassana came up – and since that’s what I’ve been practicing predominantly for years (and probably self-inquiry, when I was an early teen along with Taoism, etc), I found the bridge between self-inquiry and Vipassana in a way I had not encountered before. Also, a disc-herniation interrupted my seated meditation process, so the body must have been throwing out all sorts of blocks or letting me certainly be aware. I think I was onto something, and I had to work with “it” in a different way 😉 HAPPY LUNAR ECLIPSE, Aleya! ❤ 🙂

    1. So glad you reposted this Ka, this video was perfect timing for me to watch as the mind has been so intense for me lately and I feel like I’m at a crossroads, like the woman asking questions. Will I feed the mind by believing in its power over me? I may have to watch it again as there were so many gems, but including – the mind is only a threat to the person, not the being. And that no one, not even God, can make the person choose beingness or the mind. I saw myself in the woman and her struggling – and yet it was so simple. Thank you again sister! ❤ Aleya

      1. Hi Aleya!

        It means so much to me that you listened to the video! I’m not even sure why…
        These questions are good to ask, no? Are we asking with the mind or the being? I don’t know a whole lot about God right now, but I do know that I’ve spent quite a bit of time asking God to come hither and trying to make myself smell all-pleasant. Hahaha… Wow. I said that.

        Perhaps we live in the perfume of discovery, and its scent is refreshing. Thank you again, so much! It feels like salve to the soul to have a sister spirit.

        Aloha, dear sweet Aleya, alohaleya & scarab 😉

      2. It’s funny, normally I’m not a super youtube person – I like reading better than videos – but I was compelled to watch this and receive this message. So thank you for bringing it to me. ❤ Aleya. PS, Now I really want to go to India, the Mother is calling.

      3. Aleya, Isn’t that interesting? My great pleasure ❤ ❤ ❤ Yes. India calls me, too. I still can't believe that I was there in 2001. How long ago was it for you? I received some blessing by a Brahman while I was there, not even sure what it was… but I felt and feel grateful. I think videos can convey energy, as can words. xo Much Love, Ka

  2. I have to say our over active imagination can be our own worst enemy.. But to come back to scent.. it I feel can trigger a very strong link in our memories.. For me at least..
    I have saved the video for later to watch, as it is near Dinner time here.. I feel I may have watched it before as the opening seems familiar,..

    Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend Ka.. Many thanks for your own comment.. Love and hugs to you my friend.. Sue ❤

    1. Hi Sue,
      An overactive imagination sure is troublesome at times! I had a wonderful Easter! It was different than all the others before it. I’d love to know what you think of the video. Maybe it is familiar to you because I re-blogged it from 2014. I watched it again this morning. Then I listened to Gangaji. 🙂 Happy Day! 🙂 Love and Hugs back in plenty, Ka
      P.S. What about a scent comes without memories? Is there a smell that you can think of that doesn’t come with any memories?

      1. You had me scratching my head over the scent without memories.. and for the life of me I can not think of one.. Even new scents once inhaled are locked in to our memory banks .. Can you think of any??

      2. Sue, I think it’s one of those Koans ~ or it can be… the only smell would be in complete present moment awareness. A meditation device: What do I smell now, that I have never smelled before? Amazing?! I’m doing it, too. Then, I take a step back, and I imagine what it might’ve been like for a baby’s first breaths and developing senses.

        What did you think of the video? I know it’s rather long, please don’t feel like you have to watch it if you don’t have the inspiration for it. xoxo

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