The Lady returns to Her Tower

“and movement steps
to kick up some dust in order
to go forward.”

Retrogrades for us all are special opportunities to play with shadows…
This year we saw Beats Antique on Valentine’s Day. This post was before THAT happened.

Fiesta Estrellas



Stacked up
in old cases
are micro cassettes,
of conversations
made with coffee,
beer, and cigarettes.
spun together by the
wheels of travel,
and the comings and goings
of creation.

are the fingerprints
and logbooks
of times gone uncatalogued,
but recorded.

Laced among these
etchings of memory is the
antique smell of old wishes,
Fingerprints of old selves’ images
cobwebbed around
corners, breaking the rhythm patterned
slats of black and white into some
gossamer diagonals.

Even the cobwebs have shadows!

What were once
only some dog-eared remnants are now
the blackened, forgotten
bones of unchew-ed material,
rendered unidentifiable by time
and the consequences
of improper scrapbooking.

Time has lost its identity
and persons no longer care
about the era of happenings.

Edges fade in the total room
of all things attic-bound.
Behind the curtains of civilization
how the peopling of these
selves somehow happened
in conjunction with planetary

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9 thoughts on “The Lady returns to Her Tower

  1. “…of all things attic bound…” Conjures the unfortunate view that many have of elders — that they ought to quietly drift off to society’s sidelines.

    And her quilt looks far too beautiful to be dragging in the water! 🙂

    1. Not my view about elders!
      Where’s the treasure gone to in such a world where we cannot see the value in our kindred, our near-age neighbors. See, time is but a momentary wink of the light upon us! We all face the same fate! Into one deep well, eventually all sources return.

      Hah! Yeah, in the era of such a painting most all quilts were made by hands of beauty and not machines of steel. Not that I don’t enjoy the ‘new ‘ or the future, but I hold what I can as dear and cherishable, as all is perishable… Except what isn’t.

      1. Nor my view, Ka. I just happen to be uber-sensitive about it because so many of my clients seem to feel this is how they are supposed to live out their third chapter. Did you ever read my post (from quite some time ago) about Valuing Our Elders? It aligns closely with your view and comment. ANd the fact that we’re living longer makes it all the more important that we keep our chronologically gifted actively engaged – to the extent they want to be. 🙂

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