Reflections #2: Honey is Home

Give me honey
Any day
And I’ll find a place for
Sweet to counter the bitter.

We move through our days
Trying to keep our stories
On the margin of our memories
Trying to be present to
What we encounter in the moment.

As I have,
We just move on.

Or is it that life moves on,
and we can choose at any moment,
to recognize that even if others don’t see it

everything is different.


The above image is an older sketch-experiment from the 1990s. In the days to come I will share some more pieces from my old collection.

Currently there are a few planets transiting through Taurus. We are embracing this New Moon in Taurus and drawing in conscious breaths, sending our roots deeply into the earth.

Today is a new day.

Meanwhile a few planets are in retrograde motion (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto). I am sifting through my past, while moving forward, going simultaneously deeper into my past while further into my future. After a visit with friends and family in Pennsylvania, including my elder Italian relatives who immigrated from Italy, we continued on.

Today we are in Rome, having spent the last couple of days getting settled in.



24 thoughts on “Reflections #2: Honey is Home

  1. Great sketch and poem, my incredibly multi-talented friend. So glad to have “broke bread” with you, in my home town. So lovely you can blog from Rome, and I can read it at home . ( mini- poem, lol! )

    Sometimes digging deeper in the past can move us farther into the next moment. It cannot be explained, just lived through. Wishing you a continued rewarding adventure.

    love, Linda

    1. Thank you, dear! I’m doing my best to blog. It was so great to see you! Since I wrote I came down with a tough cold and my internet is a little bit iffy, but Rome is gorgeous, and blows away any of my expectations. Thank you for your kind comment, Linda. Sending all my best wishes, Ka

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Hi Honey, I’m home!
    I tried to comment yesterday, but it kept saying i wasn’t signed in. I love the poem and sketch.
    Have a lovely weekend, Ka. Happy travels!

  3. A beautiful share, Ka. I was really blown away by your second stanza– loved the idea of keeping our stories on the margin of our memories. I wanted to just stop there and rest, and revel in the sweetness…


    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you so much Sue! It was a lot of fun at the time ~ that much I remember really well.
      Wow, Rome! I feel like i have some writing to sit with. Rome+places in Italy, the roots of my past. So much at work, and yet so still, open, baby-eyed. I’ve been moving very sllllowww these days in silent retreat-land. My retreat helped me make some room. Haha! Like a slow computer that is using too much memory and needs fewer programs running and more memory! The evidence is there, when I turn the knob way, way down, more peace, more room, less static. Thank you so much for your visit so that we could touch computers during our passing travels, the both of us! You in Scotland and me in Italy!
      With love, Ka

      1. *smiling* Thank you, Ka! It is true that creativity comes in many forms. And each adds to substantiate our Earth Walk. Plus, it’s been so long since I’ve tried to paint, or draw, that I might well have a better sense of it now. You inspire me so much!

        Bright Blessings sent with love!


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