Reflections #4: Figure Drawings

Depicting the human body has both amazed and inspired me since my teens when I had the opportunity to freely draw at a local college with a nude model. I didn’t have any lessons in this type of drawing at the time, but the practice helped me to make a representation of the image I saw before me. Then, when in college undergrad, I took a drawing class that had a 3-day drawing nude model exercise, the other activities were still-life, etc.

In essence, it’s been years since I’ve attempted anything like this. I doubt that I can “pick up where I left off.” By the same token, I am surprised that I was able to do this at all, and with very little training. What really mattered to me was the state of mind that drawing put me in. It was so comfortably silent. I have to wonder if my openness at the time led to these drawings. Believe me, I know the opposite: frustration. However, frustration is limited. It cannot last. What does last, is the mark on the page. Even then, it will disappear in time.


This is the last article in my Reflections series for the Mercury retrograde transit in Taurus. Starting tomorrow, I will be engaging in a weeklong silent retreat, and will be offline completely for at least a week. Following that I have some blog posts planned about my recent travels. Still, you know how inspiration is, it has its own timeline. We’ll see what happens after the retreat. Many of my days did not go as planned, but I’ve learned in life not to plan, while still, to plan.

May you all have sweet, blessed days filled with all the amazing developments of your own growth and the bliss of life. May all your creations bring you the joy of that curious openness, an openness accepting of mystery, and while relishing in the unfoldment and enlightenment that each day brings.  ❤   aloha, ka



15 thoughts on “Reflections #4: Figure Drawings

  1. Your sketches are beautiful. Are these new? I am a bit confused. Hoping you manifest whatever is for your highest good with gentleness and care during your retreat and always.


  2. Lovely drawings, Ka. I think sometimes the act of trying something new, with an openness to the possibilities, can bring us into that quiet you described. I also know the frustration all too well, though! But it’s kind of like beginner’s mind I think. When we don’t have any expectations, and we give ourselves the freedom to be with it, it flows… Hope you are having a nice retreat.

    Much Love

    1. Hi Michael!
      Thank you my dear friend for appreciating my old drawings! 🙂
      Yes! Beginner’s Mind as cultivated or especially not-cultivated but spontaneously arising, finds that everything is new! I think the real tendency is have expectations pop up and then to just say, ‘oh, hey, hi there… well, we’ll see!’ and just let the thoughts fade. A blessed retreat, indeed. The word retreat is a funny misnomer. 🙂
      Love you my friend,

  3. So wonderful!! And I know that beautiful place of creation…time is suspended…all worry…all fear…gone.
    Thanks for sharing with us…hope you enjoy your “quiet” time ♡

    1. Thank you, Aleya ❤ It's really neat that now that we have the internet I can dig up these relics from my past and share them! Sure, I didn't exactly "get to it" in 1995 when I was online, but you know… everything in due time. 😉

      Means a lot to me that I can share these things with you.

      I am so very much looking forward to getting my photos and thoughts together and posting about my travels to my ancestral homes (this life) – I haven't even started my first draft yet, but hopefully tonight after the trip to the mountain! You know how experiences sometimes just are a constellation of emotions, and it takes some time (even after a week of silence!) to feel "ready" to just do it? One journey to help another… off to Palomar, still grounding "here."
      xoxoxo Ka

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