Hermit Crab New Moon: Aquarisea


I was born from the land of Ocean

mixed with salt and sea.

Darkness is calming, soothing, and through it,

I sail.


Down into the deep.

Touching nose to sand,

I feel the vibrations of Mother.

SeaTurtle Face

Rest my belly on this rock.

for a moment.


rising up, I am guided by my blue-eyes.

Blue-eyed SeaTurtle

…and there are Jellys….

whose lights hover over and drift like spaceships.


Revealing complexity and hairlike extensions

while transparently supple

White-yellow Jellyfish

Black and white clownfish and are tickled by,

and tickle,

the sea anemone.


I can be seen among them, peeking out from time to time.


Majestic leafy sea dragon fills my dreams with primordial dances of creation.


Such a marvelous costume


Everywhere the sea continues in blue unison, the darkness abiding, providing safety and rest.

Light blue Jellyfish

…simply rocking, calming

Florescent Pink Jelly Fish

Easy lights on the eyes.


Sacred detail.

Blue and White Jelly Fish

my dear, a Starfish

Version 2

and a Lionfish,

are here, too. ❤



19 thoughts on “Hermit Crab New Moon: Aquarisea

  1. How did you get those photos?!?! And were you not afraid of swimming so close to the jellyfish? I have a lot to learn from you, Sweet Ka, because what you show as calming and beautiful (which they are indeed in these pictures) I’d see as terrifying if I was in your place! I am totally afraid of the ocean, and all those creatures that live there. Thanks for bringing me into your world. xoxo

    1. Hi Elysha!

      Thanks for coming by and going into the sea with me, despite any fears otherwise. I love the ocean, however, I do not scuba dive. I took these photos at the nearby aquarium, and spent some time connecting with these creatures of the sea. There’s something enchantingly unfamiliar to most of us about the oceanic depths! I read recently that we still know very little about the ecosystems of the ocean and that we know more about the planets and the moons of those planets–than of the unexplored oceans on our Earth. This recent July 4th new moon formed a conjunction with my natal moon, and transiting Neptune pulling a nice trine to it. This is where it took me, deep into the unconscious, and with peaceful contemplation about origin. It turned out to be pleasant, but it’s always a trek into uncertainty, isn’t it? Thank you for your visit. Maybe you can take hermit crab with you, he promises he’ll be nice. http://www.whats-your-sign.com/hermit-crab-meaning.html

      Meanwhile during this lunation, Juno (Nasa’s space probe) orbits Jupiter!


  2. Dear Ka.. what a wonderful story of the Undersea World you have created.. I at first wondered had you dived to take them, the saw your answer in one of the comments replies.. Beautifully done dear Ka..
    I have a small corner unit of tropical fish at home.. And love the Aquatic Life..
    Love and Blessings

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you for visiting my underwater world, so absolutely peaceful. Water is one of my favorite elements, but I like them all of course. I’m glad my reply to Elysha cleared things up for you about diving for photos. I don’t want you thinking I’m far more awesome than I really am. I definitely don’t dive; I’ve got asthma, since I was 3, probably sooner. Anyways, it is very stunning how beautiful…. isn’t it?! Do your fish have names? I’m definitely curious about your fish’s names. Thanks for swimming along here… Blessed be, Ka

      1. The outdoor pond do not have names, but I do name a few in my Tropical tank.. One a Bristlenose is called Billy then I have Eric and Ernie Who I named after a comedian pair of UK entertainers.. If you google them you will see who they are.. As they play together.. They are a pair of Bronze corydoras.
        The others are tetras and Mollies and Gupies no names to these 🙂 I enjoyed my swim.. 🙂 ❤ Take care Ka and Love to you

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Oh Ka, this is just beautiful. The photos and your beautiful heart words.
    I love the sea too, as you know. I love hanging out with sea turtles. They have such amazing buoyancy control. I have to wear a weight to stay down with them, but then I always run out of breath quickly, haha. And swimming with dolphins and whales. Gosh, I miss it so much! I love your hermit crab. Beautiful shot! And the jellies! Just gorgeous! And the sea dragons, clown fish and anemones. I have never seen sea dragons in the wild or clown fish. They don’t live in Hawaii. I’ve never seen them in the Caribbean either. I’d like to see a lion fish, but they are quite poisonous. I have been stung by sea nettles and sea lice. Ow for a long time. I loved your sacred starfish too and sacred geometry. Beautiful post, Ka! Man, I’d love to be able to get really small, be able to breathe under water and ride those dragons around. They are amazing. I guess I already am in my imagination. 🙂


    1. Mary!!!
      Thank so much for stopping by. 😀 It means a lot to me that you enjoyed my display here. Those sea turtles do have amazing buoyancy control, and something I wouldn’t even have thought of without you. Apparently they have fixed body volume with their shell, yet they regulate neutral buoyancy by adjusting lung volume when they are at the surface. I wonder if this suggests planning? Where biology plans without the use of conscious processing mentally, perhaps. Oh, that’s another thought entirely. I do love hearing about your love for the sea, and your thoughts and experiences of all lovely creatures you’ve met along the way. I wonder how sea nettles compare to land nettles. Did you feel the sting while under water, or after? Man, sea lice! I didn’t know. How’d you overcome the sea lice? Did they occupy your scalp? Do you snorkel or scuba dive? Or both? You mentioned you hold your breath while underwater. I remember the first time I submerged to the bottom of the pool at the YMCA to rescue one of the team leader’s car keys. She was swinging them around on the diving board, at the deep end. I remember the way the pressure felt on my ears and head (to my surprise at the time) down at the bottom. Do you free dive? Wow! Lungs!

      Thank you for bringing your real life experience and imagination into this magical world here. Aloha nui loa, Ka

  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I have never scuba dived. Always free diving. I only have 50% lung capacity from past illness, and therefore have 20 seconds under there, but time changes under water. I do believe the turtles plan, and know well how to adjust their lungs. Animals have so much more intelligence than people give them credit for (IMHO).

    Oh yes, I felt the sting right as it was happening. They say if you pee on it, it helps. I didn’t know that then, and just kept putting cool wet sand on it. Land nettles hurt a lot too, but not as much. That was intense. Sea lice are like teeny tiny jelly fish and they sting. It isn’t a horrible sting, but you get a rash…for me, all along the edges of my bathing suit. Lasts for several days. When you find yourself in a cloud of them, there is nothing you can do, except say …sh–.

    You can alleviate the pressure in your ears by holding your nose and blowing it a little at a time as you go down.

    Yes, I do love the sea beyond words. I love the rocking and the sounds under there and the color, the salt, the coolness, all the critters. It was hard to choose between the ocean or the mountains. Bill wanted the mountains. I love them both, so that’s what we did. I’m glad, but I do miss it deeply.

    I really hope you get the chance to swim and explore the sea. Scuba would be great (I’m not allowed because of lung issues) to see little critters in the nooks and crannies, set up your under water camera (I don’t have one), and take the time to photograph. You could see a lot more detail than free diving, although I have friends who can stay under for like 4 minutes. Free diving, you aren’t encumbered by stuff, but are limited on air. It would be hard to play with dolphins with scuba equipment. Also, I think the bubbles scare some critters.

    Anyway –

    Aloha nui loa,

    1. ❤ I want to free dive now with an underwater camera…. adding to list, but in Hawaiian water temps, where a wetsuit isn't needed for insulation. Per our other on-going conversation, please link me on any aquarium photos you take in Albuquerque. You can link them, here, too!! xo

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