Post #290: Sometimes, breakfast

Sometimes breakfast
is enough of a trigger
to release the night,
and take pause
in the taste of my food.

Meanwhile, I count how many birds
are calling to me.
This morning, the Red-tailed
Hawk has paused, too.

Her Hawk’s cry was becoming a
morning routine. Plus, we go way back.

She didn’t beckon me to open
my shades this morning. My curiosity did.

My morning routine,
has promised me
the best day.

Do you know how
especially important
a thought is
in the morning?

*I wait, while the computer works. It appears everything pertinent has been found again; now it just needs to be sorted. Meanwhile, other projects await, too. While I find my breath, my peace, my inner faith. Then the camera store, then, chop wood, carry water. šŸ™‚

**After some time I will likely return and edit this post, by *adding* some images to it. But don’t hold your breath. šŸ™‚

***Isn’t it so cool to be able to enjoy another day?!

15 thoughts on “Post #290: Sometimes, breakfast

    1. ā¤ Thank you, Linda.
      Experiencing Peace in the day-to-day, and in smaller, more frequent movements.

      The music of tropical Cancer plays my home-song,
      and while the shell opens and closes, the music skips happily;
      and it is me who finds new dance moves to play along.

      Creative play! Wishing you fun and light's delight!

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    The camera store?!
    We are chopping wood today too, and carrying a little water to some plants.
    So, you go way back with Red-tailed Hawk?! Me too! Nice to have that in common.
    Yes, I know how especially important a thought is in the morning. It sets up the whole day, and yes, how very cool to be able to enjoy another day!

    1. Yup, Camera Store… haven’t made it there yet.
      Lots to do. But, at least my new camera and i have bonded.
      Yes, red-tailed hawk has been guiding me for a while. It’s lovely to share that
      as well as everything else we share…

      Peace ā¤

  2. Had a hawk floating above our house this morning while I was outside doing some morning reading and coffee drinking. It was one of those moments where the hawk seemed to be suspended, deftly adjusting its aerodynamic surfaces to remain precisely where it wanted to be in the morning’s breeze. Lovely writing as always, Ka!


  3. It is veery Cool to enjoy the day.. and I too am about to go and enjoy mine.. Love and Hugs dear sister..
    ā¤ and keep listening to that Dawn Chorus.. Nothing beats Bird song.
    Love Sue xxx ā¤

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