There is no winning hand

Each day
I look down at my hands
and make sure
I’ve emptied them.

Otherwise, they can’t be
filled, and sometimes
I get thirsty, and need to
make a cup.

For wisdom.

Maybe tonight we can
just not talk, but
just sit beside each
other, silently rooting
for one another.

Silently saying, “Go, go, you can
do it.” Your hands are open,
and you are ready to
and all the Universe will
silently flood in,

no one will know it, but it’s
already happened.

14 thoughts on “There is no winning hand

      1. I know that crafting words such as these doesn’t come so easily, or if it does, then the moments of inspiration not so frequently. I can’t write poetry myself, and have to use fifty words where the poet’s five suffice. So it is that I leave you once again in gratitude and respect, dear Ka. ❤

      2. For me, the keyword is variation. There’s a lot of different experiences with writing, and time and capacity. Thank you for your kindness, again. What is sufficient, who ever knows? But, rest assured, there needs to be rest periods and pauses ❤ K

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