A little bird told someone that there would be cake… and somehow, that and a million other things happened to lots of people, showing up, showing up to show up, and bring you this lovely blog by my lovely Ra kin. Follow her link to Rome. ❤ One Day At a Time – friend to friend, heart to heart. ❤


Rome wasn’t built in a day, or by a single pair of hands.  I’ve never really understood why we’re so concerned with how Rome was built when most of us don’t even know how our blenders work, but I like a good slice of figurative pie.

I’m actually a big fan of almost all pie.  Even pies that don’t taste good, but graphically represent relevant data.

What were we talking about again?

Oh yes, today, I helped build a bit of metaphorical Rome and I did it with a kidsy-like poem.  It’s all part of a large project to motivate people to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be.  You can be a part of it, too.

Go on and check it out.  As per my normal methodical madness, I’m closing the comments here to force you to go over there and say hey.  That way I can say hey…

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