women return

sisters find in each other,
the silence

a hug

they meet and greet,
they come and go

we light candles for our families
and gaze up at the moon

let the earth be our messengers
who passes on all the real votes,

when we are heard by the river
and we listen deeply to her.

a wolf’s path

guidance comes in all the spaces,

enter the cave
to see the vision

but be clear,
about who you are.

You are the candle.

9 thoughts on “women return

  1. Yes we may only be One Candle flickering within the wind of Consciousness.. But when we all light our flames together we Illuminate the WORLD.

    Beautiful thoughts dear Ka… May we sisters unite and shine our lights.. ❤ xxx

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I love this, Ka. Every word.

    “Guidance comes in all the spaces.”

    Such Divine Love within the Feminine.

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