even if i wanted to
i couldn’t stop falling
hopelessly in love
each sound that i
or the texture of your
as they make a point,
acting as a second face
their contours, and giving away
who you are
when you elevate a thought
in your mind

or quickly
or slowly

move on to the part
where you enjoy laughing
in the story.

even if i wanted to
i couldn’t become unallergic
to the fluffiest cutest most self-complete
creatures on earth.

but i strangely and unapologetically
relish the event where i’m invited to
suffer this love at someone’s house,
with their cat/s.

I can vicariously enjoy
the gift of pictures.

even if i wanted to
i couldn’t not be afraid.
of each thing i say or do,

how will it effect things, people, butterflies,
or will my actions do nothing at all?

If you only knew what momentum’s
edge has, you’d know that even
if I wanted to, i couldn’t do so
many things, unless they are
‘right’ they felt ‘right’ they
are, me, bringing –> you some “flowers,”
in some way.

i want to help deliver
these moments that make you
go ‘Oh’ and ‘Yeahhhh’
or, ‘i see,’ ‘hmmm.’

even if i wanted to, i couldn’t not
live, just a little bit more
every day.

to live outside this bubble,
is where exactly i am,
and it’s a difficult place to describe,
it’s pointless, literally, figuratively…

i couldn’t not read the news today.

this land, the earth, our home,
i couldn’t help loving even if you
told me, everything is boloney
and all the talking heads are all really
extemporaneous and perhaps
slightly more honest and candid
because of that.

Because if all this is prepared, who did
the script writing, created the scenery,
set the extremes to ‘high’ ?

even if i wanted to,
i couldn’t fast-forward to the part
of the story where everything is perfect
and everyone sees eye-to-eye –
and all the sickness in the world has been
cured, but if i wanted to,

i can stop everything – and look
at where there are no problems, nothing to
sort, no mission to achieve, not a single angle
to behold.

if i wanted to, i could work on this ‘place’
and widen it, and see what its got to share with

i could return to the sounds that i
couldn’t stop falling in love with,
even if i wanted to, silence…

it contains all of this.

13 thoughts on “Stop

  1. Yes the world contains it ALL.. Loved this verse Ka.
    “Because if all this is prepared, who did
    the script writing, created the scenery,
    set the extremes to ‘high’ ?”…

    Are we prepared to appreciate it and nurture and care for it and each other is another Question.. xxx ❤
    Much Love and that was a beautiful piece of writing xx

  2. i can’t help
    but feel the love
    in this expression,
    even if i wanted to.
    accepting that this
    wanting may possibly
    cause some discontent,
    still, they can’t take
    that lingering sweetness
    away from me 🙂

    1. precious lingering is
      that overcomes the bitter
      and, the moment when the discontent turns
      round and round, like the globe’s restless sleep

      (lights on planet earth 24-7)

      but a pause, a moment to
      express ~
      is only but a moment, and a sentiment
      a passing on, such as a petal
      the present time and place, for only a moment, not repeated

      what lingers is a mystery….

  3. Reblogged this on Search for Serenity and commented:
    I could not read the news today.. yet I am letting go of love. Grief is such a raw emotion. How do we combat love when it is lost? A thought for another day. Thank you for your insightful treasure of himan emotion. The greatest fear created I believe is through loss. Babysteps on this journey.

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