Whale’s Baleen

Swimming in the sea of me
a magnificent light occurs-
i see it in the hoops and boops
and in the shimmering of days

having fun.

my gills opening and closing
as i glide along.

though i swim in circles
i am creating an eddy –
a deep spiral,
that radiates with life.

there are sparkling lifeforms and
the darkness lurks
in my magical kingdom,

where i rule,
with Poseidon.

somedays i pretend to be
plankton and ride on the surface of
the water, moving not at all.

other times I channel into the
krill, and sift through the baleen of
the whale.

Ka Malana © 2017
**wishing everyone a wonderful New Moon in Cancer, and a Happy Summer Solstice**

22 thoughts on “Whale’s Baleen

    1. Thank you, Shey. Have you ever seen the movie Whalerider? It’s one my favorite movies. Nature can be devastatingly cruel, but there exists forces which bring into balance and encourage harmony and life to return. I’m grateful for that – each memory for better or for worse, leads to that unifying…

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Ah, I can just feel that cool blue water, and feel myself spiraling down with the whales. Thanks for this poem. I love it!

  2. What a beaautiful poem… I read it as a sort of parable or analogy related to Change and transformations… A sort of pantesitic poem, as well, given that one thing (or being, better said)seem to turn into another one…
    By the way (and as a side note) you made me think of the recent incident involving Bob Dylan… It seems that he copied excerpts from SparkNotes (website for students ) when he made reference to (presumably) one of his favorite books: “Moby Dick”. –
    A link here: http://nypost.com/2017/06/14/did-bob-dylan-plagiarize-his-nobel-lecture-from-sparknotes/ – Sending much love across the miles, dear Ka. Thanks for the excellent comments on my blog, by the way… Happy week ahead 😀

    1. Aqui,
      I keep replying to the same thread. Also, I added more thread replies by using my phone. I did go over to Sparknotes myself to review Moby Dick, because I had not read it, nor the spark notes. Also because! someone else made a Moby Dick reference on a day later. I think the issue is that Bob Dylan got paid lots of money for his nobel speech, and he didn’t reference Sparknotes but made very close phrases to ones in the Sparknotes that weren’t even in the actual book, from the article you presented here. Do you think he even wrote this speech, or is it possible that he paid someone else to write it? I just found his actual speech. https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/2016/dylan-lecture.html Had you read the actual speech? Do you like Bob Dylan? I used to have a friend who really enjoyed him a lot. I know a lot of people like him, but I’m thinking of a specific friend who I haven’t seen for a while….
      much love to you, xoxo Ka

      1. Hi there dear Ka.
        I read his speech, yes… Plus when I learnt about this whole issue I read several articles. All of them point in the same direction: Plagiarism.
        As you say, delivering the lecture to the Swedish Academy entails fulfilling all the requisites to receive the $900,000 award that accompanies the Nobel Prize. So… I am guessing he could have paid someone to get his speech written.
        I found it quite unbelievable, though… there are good ways to read an entire analysis of a book and reframe it in your own words. The whole copy-paste thing truly doesn´t make sense.
        But, on the other hand… the similarities are striking!… And itis not the first time Dylan is accused of Plagiarizing things (songs!). And, besides it seems that in his Nobel Speech Dylan seemingly invented a moment in Moby-Dick when a “Quaker pacifist priest” tells Captain Ahab’s third mate, Flask, “Some men who receive injuries are led to God, others are led to bitterness”… Pitzer discovered that SparkNotes described the preacher as “someone whose trials have led him toward God rather than bitterness”. // From: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bob-dylan-accused-of-plagiarizing-nobel-talk-from-sparknotes-w487945 //
        I honestly haven´t read more than a few poems by Dylan… Hence, I couldn´t come up with with well-founded statement…. I am a little bit reticent as to him being bestwoed with the Nobel Prize, though. Sending much love!… 😉 ❤

      2. To me, the issue is more about about that type of prize going to a musician, rather than a book author. I do not know much about the Nobel Prize process. Though I do see the articles we’ve been discussing here demonstrating enough phrasing for reasonable concern for plagiarism. I understand your reticence.

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