Inside myself I want to open
all the tiny windows
and let out all atoms of information,
spiraling in both directions.

Inside myself, when I want
to pinch shut, or burst forth,
I want to instead respirate with a million

If I could be a mushroom with
gills, and with fungi prints,
or a tree frog that sits beside
you. If I could just keep you company;
I would not bite.

Inside myself, I have little air packets
and hollowed out canals. I am airborne,

There’s are things I wish I could be,
and then, there are things I really am, if you
let me.
Millions of tiny hugs, little blood vessels,
saying ‘aaaahhhh’

Tomorrow might be stressful, but right now is not.
Let me love you like a peristalsis hug.

I am your body. I am mostly made of

26 thoughts on “Sponge

    1. Hi JoAnna! I felt the same way about this poem, and the title, “Sponge” was so interesting to me because the way a sponge shape-shifts based on the way it holds water. Recently I received my shamanic practitioner name, graduated through a journey quest, from my teacher – who received it. (I have too many names, to be honest, but you understand this, dear lady of the forest). “Sees Through Water”. I didn’t have time to write a post on this or anything really, but it has come up now, rather organically in my response to you.


      Part of what I love about the poem format is that it can be so many things, and I enjoy not defining it completely. I like a poem to change forms based on how its used, and what it contains, and who holds it for a moment in meditation or pause. Thank you for seeing the possbilities!!!! Xx

      1. Congratulations on your graduation and names! Very exciting! Yes, many names makes sense to me. I love water as well as the forest. “Sees through water” is a beautiful name.

    1. Hi Billy – I appreciate you mentioning that aspect of repetition that showed up here. There’s a rhythm to it… and I think that shows up at the end with the peristalsis hug. Haha! Rhythm is a functioning system as well as a poem that moves through space and time!
      Thank you, Ka

    1. This also struck me as levels of opening and with movement that may be useful in healing and getting “in touch” with the body as well as…. the expression of transcendance while remaining in form, at the same time. “Peristalsis hug” sort of showed itself as a new viewpoint of a fairly mundane process – though easily taken for granted, when not working properly, such as in pathology. This poem wanted to resolve that dischord.

    1. Insightful comment, Christy. I would add that ‘myself’ as expressed here, is a universalized ”me” – and that the nature of beingness is beyond the body but across lifeforms, such as a poem may express beyond the inner self into a world that is universal, while meanwhile, full of aspects of the individual spark, lovingly in attendance with that beingness πŸ™‚

  1. Pretty good poem. It can be perceived in so many ways! I really like the last line. What I love is that it’s open to so many interesting things. It’s bright and dark. It’s well written.

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