A Candle for Peace, Dragonflies


Neither of the photos in this post were taken by me, these are open source stock photos. I haven’t been able to get to my photography love in a while. I’m barely catching up with where I left off with ‘my’ astrology, and all the people in my worlds, and my inner being.

I’m devastated by what has been happening. I’m not going to go into it at this time. I’m also experiencing a lot of growth and peace and a lot of connectivity – I’m on break, so I have the time to schedule and block out appointment time with friends, and for myself.

Two days ago, the green space in front of my house was filled with at least 50 dragon flies. I’d say that’s highly symbolic for eclipse time. A time of great change (every 6 months), but this viewable – in the United States –  ‘total’ eclipse is more intriguing to people; and therefore, there’s a lot more interest and energy going on ‘about’ it, and well, into it.

Dragonfly Symbolism


17 thoughts on “A Candle for Peace, Dragonflies

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    That’s amazing about the dragonflies! Wow! Very special.
    I’m glad you have some time to breathe and be with friends right now.
    Much love to you Ka.

    1. Hi Mary!

      Thank you,

      Generally I get to spend time with friends, which I am fortunate about, just I get to see the friends that I haven’t seen in a while, or the people I met who wanted to get together, and I couldn’t accommodate that until my schedule opened up. 🙂

      Love you Mary!!
      Aloha ❤

  2. It’s a heavy time for everyone… the more awake we are the more shit comes through… we only have to breathe… embrace and allow to transform… it will pass… much love and know that the storm is coming and we’ll sail through it all … barbara x

  3. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a red dragonfly. And having 50 dragonflies in front of your house! Proof that anything is possible. Even peace! Even peace in our world!

    1. Hi JoAnna,

      Yes, it certainly does come across as confirmation. I was very surprised by all of these dragonflies. I had to count them in sections. Also, yes, the first orange/red dragonfly I captured with my iphone a couple of years ago. I was stunned by its almost electrical quality of light conduction. I would have added the photo here, but I am not sure where it is right now. I might still locate it and add it to this blog post.

      Peace in our world, please, and please. We have to believe that it exists between us and in our hearts, and we have to hold that vibration, I think! Fortunately animal messengers help hold that vibration as well, and call forth the lightening of the experience.

      Thank you for you adding to the witnessing ~

  4. I love the symbology of the Dragonfly, and yes, I light a candle each morning upon my dressing table with my thoughts being sent out in healing as I hold my healing book for a few moments as I also send to the world… Peace is needed in every heart, and we cannot let the few destroy the whole..

    1. Thank you for always lighting your candle, Sue! I know how dedicated you are ❤
      The symbology of the dragonfly is fascinating, and even still we have our very personal experience with these animal messengers, how they each communicate something unique to us. Always appreciating a dynamic that has a universal and personal quality. xo

      1. Yes, we never cease to learn from them or be shown the many ways in which our sisters and brothers spirit-side communicate through these signs they send us.. 🙂 Love and Blessings dearest Ka xxx

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