RE-Blog of Full Moon in Capricorn Post, 2014, 7-12

As I have been attempting to sort out my computer and clean out a number of things in my downloads folder, I came across this post that I had written, here, on my hard-drive. Fortunately since it is here on WP, I can delete it from my hard-drive. This is the best way that I know to “utilize” Mercury retrograde (clean and review) and mostly it has just come up naturally to use this time as such — years of practice, I guess, when it’s convenient.

I can basically be not looking at an ephemeris and have my head in the sand, and still get my universe’s memo. Interesting to note in one of my comment replies on this older blog post from 2014, I mentioned that I interpret Saturn as in my 7th house. It all depends on the house system one uses. However, I have been interpreting Saturn in my 8th house, and tending more to Koch rather than Placidus systems as of recent years, more definitively. It’s on the house cusp, which often astrologers will interpret for that house because the idea is that energy falls away from the house “angles.” All of this is why over the years, I’ve sought to interpret my astrology readings based on ‘experience’ as the clarifying factor. Meaning, ‘what actually happens.’

It’s also reasonable to consider an experience that fluctuates based on transiting aspects, progressions, etc.

The really interesting point about finding this particular document, and the reblog, is that I have been contemplating the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020 at the end of the second decan of Capricorn. Having my nodes there (trine in aspect – to Leo II) recently activated at the lunar eclipse on August 7th. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes forth -it’s likely to be related to this August 7th lunar eclipse and my natal nodes, as this will also be strongly activated with the Stellium that forms in Capricorn around the conjunction and new beginning for Saturn/Pluto. Times sure are interesting. This August 21st eclipse is at the end of the 3rd decan of Leo. Fortunately I can use my S.Node in Aquarius skills to detach from the current fray and my N. Node in Leo to focus on what’s coming on the horizon for myself. In the center of the astrological wheel, of course, is Earth, or the integrated being (hub of the wheel).

The original or alternative version of this post, written but not published in 2014, is now included after the published re-blog post (after the asterisks). Boy, that just sounds confusing!

Fiesta Estrellas



Moon loosely conjunct Pluto ~8 degree orb

Sun loosely conjunct Jupiter ~9 degree orb

Jupiter @ 29 degrees Cancer and about to ingress (enter) Leo.

Active grand cross in Cardinal signs


My contemplation lately, my personal journal, and my astrological reading for the ‘Full Moon’ in Capricorn has been centered around this idea of “discipline.”

What is discipline other than to “show up” for what you signed up for? Stick-to-it-iveness. I mean to be really ‘present’ with your goals, devoted. I’m sure this thought of mine evokes some of your own thoughts. I do hope you will share them below.

I think discipline is also based on the word “disciple.” One acts as a devotee to something, even if nothing but to the process itself – the inner development. In other words, I think of discipline as being devoted to the process of self-development, relationship development…

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3 thoughts on “RE-Blog of Full Moon in Capricorn Post, 2014, 7-12

  1. Glad you figured it out.. I also learnt how to repost a blog in the present so all the comments come along with it.. You just go into re-schedule the post date and put it to the present date time etc and press UPDATE.. and it will be your current post.. I have done this now several times now over the years.. 🙂 Hope that helps, You then can add your current thoughts in the Edit section of the post.. before pressing update.. ❤ Love Sue

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