The Day Before…

All is not silent
as i beg of the old self
“let me go”

clothing is flying
tears are raging
words are thrashing

your grip on me,”
i whisper,
as i try to unpeel the fingers
my old self uses to cling to the

one by one,
but surely,

“let me be free and
step into this…

new abyss,
the darkness,
the unknown,

let me jump.
Let me Do it now!”

11 thoughts on “The Day Before…

  1. Lovely! I’ve been feeling this exact way a bit while trying to work on being more assertive. It’s so hard to change deep patterns, but once they are brought to consciousness so hard not to as well. XO

  2. The button should say, “LOVE”! It is a necessary, but traumatic thing to let go of the past to allow for new energies to emerge from within. This truly captures it in a beautiful way. xo

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