Compassion meditation to ease anxiety

As a part of my personal practice, it brings me a lot of joy to be able to extend these meditation sessions to you as a gift. Meditation has long been a resource in my life, and it is so freely available to us all. The benefits that come from meditation are so life-enriching, that I want it to be accessible to all. Please give yourself this time today.

May you experience peace and wellbeing today and every day.

Today the Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon is in Virgo, nourish the health in your body and mind, and in your soul.

The Hedgehog Special

Hedgehogs are one of my virtual therapy animals or totems. Hedgehogs have the ability to protect, and their medicine is one of being “untouched” by the dreadfulness of unsafe situations. Hedgehogs are supremely cute, I think, and I delight in these little creatures.

Chuang Tzu was a philosopher in ancient China, who, one night went to sleep and dreamed that he was a butterfly. He dreamt that he was flying around from flower to flower and while he was dreaming he felt free, blown about by the breeze hither and thither. He was quite sure that he was a butterfly.” (

I dream I am a hedgehog, or maybe I am a hedgehog dreaming that I am a human. There you go. It makes sense to me!

All the above photos are from Unsplash a free for use photography site. Speaking of splashes, it’s time to give my kiddo a bath! Happy Peppering Tomorrow!

The Day Before…

All is not silent
as i beg of the old self
“let me go”

clothing is flying
tears are raging
words are thrashing

your grip on me,”
i whisper,
as i try to unpeel the fingers
my old self uses to cling to the

one by one,
but surely,

“let me be free and
step into this…

new abyss,
the darkness,
the unknown,

let me jump.
Let me Do it now!”