4 thoughts on “double horse power

  1. I kind of love how the horse has lost its rider…! I’m looking only at what is there, without knowing the full meaning behind those cards… But it made me smile…


    1. Hello Michael,
      Your perspective here is interesting! It’s interesting that you saw the two cards as a sequence (i.e., “the horse has lost its rider,” rather than as a combo, as I did, where both cards reflect a response to the ‘inner voice’ – I saw one as reinforcing the other, despite drawn at two “separate moments in time.”

      Yes, the beauty of images is that meaning can be revealed to us anywhere we look! I believe with symbols, the full meaning is always revealing itself to us. Often, I look at the cards and reflect at the end of the day, for more information.

      I did not include the meanings specifically for this classic deck, or the other, a classic in its own right, because I figured the reader could access much on the internet and could take therefore any meaning here at face value – one that may be different from my own, or what has come before. In this way, symbols can be universally understood, while specific and unique ways for whomever is looking.

      A small excerpt from the Biddy website about the Knight of Cups, says things like,

      “Decisions will be made without much thought and instead they are made drawing upon inner direction, with the experience of warmth, friendliness, love and the need to share these qualities with everyone… As with all Court Cards, the Knight of Cups can manifest as an event, a person in your life, or as a part of yourself.”

      The above, from Biddy, is open to a lot of interpretation (and depends often on other cards), as the excerpt is taken out of the context of the entire explanation of the art in the card.

      From my experience, the knight is poetic and very imaginative, and usually signals the presence of that sort of quality is afoot.

      I’m glad the imagery made you smile!
      Your comment made me smile, and I enjoyed your experience! You’ve added to the overall picture, I think 🙂

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