Participating and playing vs. Observing quietly



My title is a spin on my natal nodes and the current transiting nodes (at this point I’m looking forward to the Cancer N./Capricorn S. nodal transit).

The images above show the blur of engagement and activity, while the reflective, observant images are clear and crisp.

Having my 2nd nodal return in the  set of approx. 18 year cycles, it reminds me – again – of the “ping pong” and “intense” nature of the opposition (180Degrees) aspect generally, and then how the one in my natal chart Sun – Leo/ opposite Ascendant – Aquarius, gets emphasized, with nodes like this. Certainly this form/body cannot be everywhere and doing everything – so observing one thing at a time, has been the respite, saving-grace! Staying out of drama, hype, comparison… I’ve completely been scaling back my social media to its virtual non-existence. Not saying that it is permanent, but I am not eager to return to social media anytime soon. Self/Other was never a dichotomy for me, but boundaries are a necessity.

But this blog is a unique form of social media – it’s reflective and meaningful. It’s second only to reading books – which is what I try to do in my non-existent “free time.” I’ve only barely completed a few books, while I have consumed multiple tv show series, no doubt – just anything to be a little bit easier. I enjoy reading a book, far more, since social media.

These photographs that I’ve taken and shown here are several months old now, and as I continue to work on my photography skills, appreciating my subjects, more recently I’ve not had much energy to return to my blog to feature these marvelous faces, nor to embrace my writing publicly and with others, nor to discuss the ‘here and now.’ Part of that reason, is that I, have been on vacation after a *very busy and eventful trimester working with others and on myself* and maybe, I will return, from that vacation/ spiritual “retreat” – ‘one day’ in blog world, but I’ll start to return to the day-to-day offline world, first, and I have.

I feel deeply connected, so I’m not worried. So many pujas later…and time spent in the woods of the great green earth…

A lot has been simmering for me, and while it may seem like I am not experiencing a dynamic time here via – if you are aware of some of the current transits – Western astrological version…

  • Mercury station direct and all the airplane news &
  • New Moon on April 15th at  26 Aries
  • Saturn SR on April 17th
  • Chiron ingress Aries
  • Sun ingress Taurus, form, matter
  • Pluto SR on April 22
  • Venus ingress Gemini
  • Mercury Square Saturn
  • Mars/Pluto Conjunction
  • Full Moon on April 29 at 10 Scorpio

…. you’d know that I’m undergoing quite a bit of transformation, and that process looks different all the time. It shifts quickly to and fro, and while the ‘3D’ appears to be fluctuating, the eternal experiencing is ever-present, calm, enjoying the show, and embracing all the moments. I remain ‘undecided’ about most things and am mostly enjoying that ride, despite certain times of definite and specific discomfort, which fortunately leaves quickly. I am cultivating what Napolean Hill has coined, “a definite and specific purpose.”

There’s a lot of energy in the collective field.

I’ll be taking, potentially more time away from blogging, and dedicating myself more to my day-to-day offline activities, but I do hope to resurface here and there from time to time with greater purpose, and with more clarity at some sort of ‘one-day’ stabilizing point. I eagerly await Uranus’s move into Taurus, and as I pull into my center… I enjoy uncovering more from my core. In my Ascendant chart, Uranus will be linking to my 3rd house of neighbors, siblings, and closer networking – opening up the mind – which it has begun to do! With my ascendant ruler in Scorpio and all my Cancer planets – you might imagine: I like my privacy, and my transformational cave.

~ * ~

Thank you to all who have been a part of this blog, and who continue to be the celebrating shining lights of sparkle and joy in this world, bringing passion and compassion into your every-day, and in the blog world where I can see you. I look forward to providing another update or two before I take another dive into the deep…

Aloha, Ka

For those who have actually read this blog post in its entirety, I am so grateful that YOU are here. Most of my blog posts are very short and don’t require a lot of time and attention, but that may change in the future. In this post, I am rambling, but right now… it’s enough to pass.

17 thoughts on “Participating and playing vs. Observing quietly

  1. I appreciate your words and pictures here. Ka and I think I can sense some of the energy behind them.

    And I anxiously await Uranus leaving my 2nd to enter my third in a few months, along with Chiron leaving my 1st.

    I understand privacy and boundaries too, and still find my blogworld a sweet piece of heaven.

    Glad you are part of it in whatever capacity.

    love, Linda

    1. Hi Linda!

      I appreciate your response here. I’m glad that Energy of any sort comes through from these images. It was a cloudy day and sometimes I prefer this ‘unpopular’ graying over-cast, undramatic light-quality, for its uniqueness. I don’t doctor my images very much, but maybe that will change if I get the time (or pressing interest) to do so. The reason applies why its wonderful to take photographs while sunrise and/or sunset for the dramatic lighting effects. Truly, the skill development is secondary to the ‘connecting’ that happens when i take photographs, or just sit and not photograph, and just enjoy connecting too.

      Yes – to your comment about awaiting Uranus to exit your 2nd house! The uncertainty factor and the overhaul on the way that one relates to the material aspects and the sense of ‘ownership.’ I hope Uranus leaves your 2nd house lightened and lite-ned! I find that the planet will make/and is making a greater energetic shift in terms of the sign change – leaving the fire of Aries and entering the earthy Taurus…. and it’s just on time! I am eager. Change is good!

      Really its wonderful that you get to explore and play and be ‘you’ on your blog. it’s the best! It’s also why we got/get to meet and see each other. Cheers to that!

      Thanks for acknowledging that fluctuating capacity… thank you for being glad 🙂 I am too.

      Love, Ka

  2. Not rambling, my friend…sharing your soul is more how I see it!! It is a very strange time…I do not know why, so reading your post (though I understand little about astrology) somehow makes me feel better…like I am not alone. (we are never alone…yes?)
    Take care to nurture yourself, Ka…I know that is what you are doing. It is a beautiful thing to observe…the self care you always position front and center…giving your mind, body, and soul exactly what they need WHEN they need it…not finding yourself in a crisis and then backpedaling. I am working on this 😉
    AND…your photos are SPECTACULAR!!!
    Much love to you, Ka. See you soon…but always feel you 💜

    1. It’s such JOY to see you here, Lorrie! 💜
      Not alone, not at all, and all the while, the benefit of those assurances – knowing that we are not alone is always experienced with such gratitude. I am grateful for your getting the water 💦 you needed ,and we can only do our best with what we know in the moment. Keeping hydrated as you wrote about on your blog. I am fortunate for enjoyment of these photos and hope to bring more to the fore soonish! 💗🤗

    1. Me too, David.
      Caring efforts, for sure ❤

      These and more are images I'd love to spend more time working with and editing, reflecting, and revealing – having the time to get into and express the inherent beauty and detail.

      Still making space for that.

      I have a number of responsibilities that currently require my full attention 🙂

      I'm so happy "the stars" align as they do, for it’s all development – like a developing silvered image (silver like the moon is often related to), an image appears…

      ….and we are in a 'dark room' ;it's nurturing, and we can rock the trays of "developer, stop bath, and fixer" gently to and fro, covering the surface area of the budding image. For that method of photography as metaphor will always exist in my heart! Even if it's digital now… but i gotta get with the programs, eventually, and with full patience. In the meantime, my caring efforts are dispersed across many fields of activity, creativity, passion, and love!

      Have another brilliant day, my friend!
      Appreciate your images and explorations as well!

  3. more and more we are focusing on self, as it’s the only way to experience multidimensional living… we’re all in the thick of new times and everything that no longer serves falls away… following our passion is leading each of us to open up fully to the promised land of new earth within. Love your pictures, words and friendship here. Love barbara x

  4. Wonderful photography skills, and I can see the month of May on WP has been a busy one for you again.. Wonderful to see so many new posts as I endeavour to catch up a little ❤

    1. Hi Sue ~ I tell you….
      I don’t know how it’s possible, but Yes! – May has been, bountifully busy. It’s been mostly a good busy, the best kind. Not to say that I haven’t had to clear lots of stuff on the fly! I’ve been really enjoying your shares, and feel like we’ve still managed ~ and you *always* manage to catch up in my eyes, and not only that! You spend such quality time here when you visit; you always bring your heart, and I am so glad to have you join in here ❤ Thank you for enjoying my photography! There's more I'd like to share from my travels but I haven't had the time present itself for that yet. All things in their right time! I want to do it in a way that feels just right 🙂 hahaha. looking for another word besides, "right" and it's not "complete"…. it's settled…. but not that word. I'll think on it.

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