Strong Book Recommendation (SBR)- my new acronym:

Hello all,

I’m in the thick of a great book – i read a lot of great books, all of the time… (as do you, I’m sure!) but this one made me want to get to word out very quickly to everyone in reach.  It’s perfect for Zone living or flow living (several authors have been writing about flow) – anyways being involved in a number of paradigms (and fields of influence), while having been in the cross-roads of many of them, and weaving together my own tapestry of wholistic thought and practice, well; it has taken a lot of investment on my part to acquire, open my mind, and then to integrate and share my sources in the networked brain language way that is uniquely me. This book I am bringing forward in mid-stream, haven’t integrated any of it yet (okay, maybe some) – when I took my first leap in 2007.

Anyways, without further ado: I strongly recommend those who are wishing to expand – to read: The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks

When I first encountered Gay and Katie Hendricks, it was in one of those emails I signed up for several years ago – when my consciousness expansion was rounding a new corner. I probably listened to one of the free web-conferences when they were just budding into a field of opportunity that many are still capitalizing on.


I’m still working on photographs (in my mind), astrology updates (in the ethereal, too), and going back into my deep dive – pulling a swan dive for this one, so I have to really work on my physical body to get that grace and elegance flowing and ready to be channeled….

Love you all!



P.S. I’d like to add that this book is a good recommendation for the Mars/Pluto conjunction that is currently taking place in Capricorn. I have (Mars/Pluto) natally in Libra (a nice square for me – even ‘extra’ pressure to ‘transform’) and for me is works well with this book – that 12th house is all about the unconscious…. this book is all about (the rest of the title): “Conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level.” Anyways, I believe that no matter where in your chart is the Mars/Pluto conjunction that we are all experiencing… this book will help you get past what Gay call’s your (ULP) – Upper Limit Problem.

12 thoughts on “Strong Book Recommendation (SBR)- my new acronym:

    1. Aleya ❤ I finished this wonderful book, and look forward to re-reading it when the time is right.

      Also, I put on hold at my local library a refresh of the 4 agreements. The Nagual Shaman who married us was taught by Ruiz's mother, and she used to be in San Diego. I wish I could have met her when she was alive. Anyways, I had two indications that it was time for me to read his book again, 1). the shaman who married us is alive and well (same from eruptions and earthquakes on big island) and put it on her blog that she saw him recently 2). another recommendation from a healer who I see. Even though I've read this book, it's time for me to re-read it! 🙂

    1. Oh, if you get to read it, you will ❤ it!!!!!
      These two (the author and his wife who work closely together) are an inspiring couple. If I weren't already reading 'A Course of Love' and a bunch of other books, that were in queue earlier…and busy with school and literature and constant researching, I'd just re-read this book, and keep re-reading it until I have it completely integrated. 🙂

    2. Sue, I’m not sure if you got my edit. I already read “A Course in Miracles” see previous posts – where Mooji is compared to “A Course in Miracles.” That was my typo. I updated it because I am currently reading (among many other things) “A Course of Love” – which is miraculous – and a continuation of “A Course in Miracles,” yet channeled through Mari Perron, in 1998. Michael from, Embracing Forever, introduced me to this text.

      1. I got half way through the Course of Miracles, then left it for ten years, and then went back to it.. So I am sure the Course of Love will be excellent.. 🙂 And I put the video in my to watch list.. So I know it will be watched.. Just at the right moment in time.. xx So thank you again Ka for sharing ..

      2. Sue, I’ve heard others say that same thing about “A Course of Miracles,” [stop and restart at a later time]. I read through “A Course in Miracles” and also did it with my husband. I found and supplemented my reading with Britney Shawley’s youtube videos. Britney’s bright spirit illuminated some of the texts on some days. In my opinion, “A Course of Love” is, so far, everything I wanted from, “A Course in Miracles.” I haven’t yet heard from anyone who has read “A Course of Love” without having read/moved through “A Course of Love.” Yes, I really am so glad that you added the video from the Mooji post to your watch list. It’s interesting how we are weaving together, and that you would be moved to do so….to see the “I’m the alarm clock in your dream” video, is wonderful, Sue. I believe in perfect timing for all things, as they are. 🙂

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