Having an ego

is like having an elbow,
or pair of bifocals

and it’s just natural
to make comparisons
with illusionary perception

illusionism in art is to
make the appearance of a
2D item, look 3D real

this type of illusion is
a skill development

having an ego
while seeing beyond it
is like eating food

it’s becoming something

every 7 years they say the body
has entirely different cells
and maybe this blog is now made
up of new cells

17 thoughts on “Having an ego

  1. Hey Ka, Namaste 🙂

    Your poetry has always been alchemical Ka. You take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary as poetry expressing far grander meanings than aesthetics alone: tis food for the soul.

    Hoping all is well and you surfing the wizard’s wave with both style and panache! 🙂

    Love and be Loved. Namaste 🙂


      1. Good morning from the other-side of the pond, Namaste Ka 🙂

        I always enjoy my visits here and always leave with a thought or two chirping away inside my mind like a cricket’s song 😉

        Thank you for being pleased at my small achievement – we both know what a labour of love it is to get work to publication but yet how fulfilling it is to hold the fruit of our efforts in our hand.

        Hoping all is well in your small slice of paradise here on Earth. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

        Love and be Loved. Namaste 🙂


      2. I bid you good morning ☀️🌞 Dew-in
        Light of day shining across the pond in striking wave patterns!

        Your achievement may be bigger than you realize, and that inner delivery is what it’s all worth, plus the dazzle of what might or might not come from it, all this adds to a ‘something further’ enchantment…

        Wishing you also a lovely weekend! 💫🙂

        Your talented wordsmithery rides on your shining love!

        A cricket 🦗 has started a few journeys in my life, and so glad I was listening! For the love of it all…


      3. And a ‘top-of-the-morning’ to you too Ka! 😀

        I love it when paths cross in real-time despite distance between particles. You arose in good spirits this morning Ka: how wonderful is that.

        The joy in achieving our goals, whilst only a small accomplishment in the grand scheme of things, warms the heart and inflames the hearth and inspires one to go on. All authors live in secret hope of dazzling, but as we both now know the buzz is the inner delivery and the potential for ‘further enchantment.’

        Of course I wish you great success with your anthology and hope all will enjoy the whimsy of Ka as much as I enjoy pondering your mindful words.

        ‘Wordsmithery’ – what a great word that is 🙂

        I recall with fondness your post from long ago about a cricket and have always listened-out for one singing nearby ever-since. I will be more attentive in my listening.

        Dream-on Ka! Have a deliriously happy weekend!

        Love and be Loved. Namaste 🙂


      4. It is neat when our paths cross real-time. I suspect for you it may have been your afternoon in Wales? When I was a teenager, I read a wonderful book about a love story where people were in different places – and the book was made up of love letters. As it turned out (SPOILER!) they were living in different dimensions and didn’t actually get to meet!

        Now we have quantum awareness, so i don’t expect such troubles…

        I’m not writing an anthology. I am at my production desk, collating images, trying to resolve organizational matters, and working on case studies and research. Thinking through things. At times gazing long enough in my study to relax and feel the peace in my spirit and empty my mind so cleanly that the sound of crickets can be heard!

        Art (of many forms) is where i am drawn, Dewin, as it is where I am most happy and best resourced.

        Good wishes to us both as we traverse our starry landscapes…and work the inner methods into the awareness without label or pretense and into the void where all is born!

        My husband is wonderfully writing his book, and his crickets appear to be everywhere making a racket! Well, maybe that’s just me.

        Aloha ~ ❤ ~ Wishing you to experience love everywhere.

      5. Namaste Ka 🙂

        When you roll with your words you roll with your words blazing 🙂

        What a marvellous love-story that sounds: one never-ending perhaps? Of course in these days of quantum awareness it would be disappointing if we all didn’t share in the Love that’s there, that’s there between us all.

        I made reference to what I knew you had published but I am equally delighted to know you are studiously at it and busy as a bee. Always so enthusiastic and full of energy, you are Fiesta Estrellas, Ka of Alchemy 🙂 Good luck collating, organising, working on case studies and research whilst envisioning the outcome you desire and smiling at those relentlessly joyful crickets 🙂

        “Good wishes to us both as we traverse our starry landscapes…and work the inner methods into the awareness without label or pretence and into the void where all is born!” – you wrote that so well and I bet you didn’t once pause for breath!

        Mr Ka is a lucky man to have someone to love and be loved equally in return…it’s little wonder the crickets are jumping! As much as writing is a lonesome pursuit, you’ll both have fun sharing his writing experience with each other: that’s if he ever gets a word in edgeways for all the chirping lol Good luck Mr.Ka with the book 😀

        It’s been fun meeting in time and cyberspace, in having paths cross momentarily before we each saunter on our way. Have a great week, take care of one and all.

        Love and be Loved ❤ Namaste 🙂


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