Constructive questions

Part of the trouble with the brain drain – from the planet – is the lack of open-ended questions in our world. People attempt to answer questions, which one would think is the purpose of them, but upon closer inspection, it is the question itself which may be the empowering factor. We live in a world of quizzes with correct or incorrect answers. That immediate gratification factor, of being able to determine “wrong or right” about any answer – as on a quiz or a test – is making us all not so smart.

Two blog posts ago, I wrote asking questions about blogging, social media and obligations. Many of us try to “fit in” blogging into our busy lives, while we try to make an income and survive, or while we try to be present with our families, friends, and while for many of us, in the meantime while we narrow down ‘everything’ (say our “being empathic”) so that we can focus on one patient or client at a time, so we can “do the next good thing.”

I’m about to head over to yoga class, remembering the positions I once formed myself into as a child, in order to “better myself” or stretch, or so that my mom wouldn’t be so bothered by my questions; hence, I had something “to do.” Here however, I have a luxury, a luxury that many gray hairs afford me: QUESTIONS, and a little bit of blog magic. I can pose some questions and then go about my day, and with the magic of blogging, meanwhile cogs and wheels start turning in places I couldn’t have even imagined, and gold nuggets drop on the floor falling, potentially, from the sky…

1). How can we have a society where the food that is good to eat is not overly expensive?

2). How can we develop feedback systems that don’t overly tax dopaminergic systems and augment addictions in people?

3). How can we help people who need to “take a break” from things, find that space, and see that “letting go” is exactly what will save us. Perhaps.

I like the number 3 today. Questions ended.

*A note about astrology:
As an astrologer, I have been studying “the stars” and my relationship to the stars, more specifically, since the time I was about 10 years old or younger. I was answering quizzes about psychology before my little brain was even in a “person-like-shape” Back then I was an extrovert. Now, I am an introvert. Some wonderful writers coined the term “extroverting introvert,” which can also be applied. Regardless of labels, what I have discovered throughout my years of observation and reflection, is that, I tend to communicate more during Mercury retrogrades (so far). This particular retrograde is conjoining my natal Sun in Leo. It brings me out for as long as I am able…And my Sagittarius MC is active.

So, what say you?

18 thoughts on “Constructive questions

  1. Nice reflections Ka. I’m still learning to be OK with questions and mystery without always needing to know the answers. This seems to relate to your question #3 about letting go and making space for ourselves to be, rest, and life to unfold…

      1. Sometimes I defer to a concept of energy systems where I imagine that all the chaotic frenetic energy of change, growth, and development is working towards a sort of dynamic homeostasis, an organic balancing of energies across all areas and we are part of this magnificent mysterious all-encompassing species called Life. πŸ™‚

        Which makes dancing definitely fun.

    1. Hi David!
      Wishing you well up North…. and many others, wanting for more water for them and relief from these fires.
      Please let me know what you discover while you are ‘out’ and while you are being you…
      always a pleasure! Thank you for visiting here.

      1. thank you for your kind concern, Ka!
        lots of water in the lakes, nearby. fortunately, winds have been less fierce the last few afternoons. pretty smoky; so i go out with my carbon filter mask. πŸ™‚

  2. I like Number 3 too Ka.. And I pop up out of my shell now and again.. Many questions I have asked over the years.. Still putting all the answers that have come forward, into my jigsaw puzzle.. But the deeper I have gone within, the more clarity I emerge with..
    May we always never be afraid to keep asking questions, but may we also be prepared for the real Truth..
    Love and Light dearest Ka.. Loved your post ❀

  3. Hello Ka… I’ve not posted in a while and came here after posting, and cracked up. Ha ha! My post was about asking questions. Nice to be orbiting the mystery with you… Your questions here are lovely. It might be nice to have a year where the only thing the news is allowed to do is ask questions… Might be interesting…


    1. Wow Michael ~ hello there my friend ~ the synchronicity continues. I like your thought here about the news…it’s a curious thing to consider…

      It’s often interesting to me as sometimes after I post it feels like a long time ago that my thoughts were unraveling a particular area or subset of cognition/perception, and now I find myself in whole new β€œworlds” that I have no words for yet…

      We do have that nifty eclipse on the 11th – and it’s experiential, at best,…an energetic, shared experience!

      Wishing you a happy πŸ˜ƒ now!

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