On the rocks

How can I do it all?

why does it feel so heavy

once a connection is made it
doesn’t leave…, and yet
where is my memory?

I need this moment for me,
for the sake of not over or under preparing for moments that don’t happen.

There’s an emptiness inside –
and I am grateful for it. It shows me
where i can love more.
forced gratitude sometimes,
the fear of complaining,
practicing victimhood, won’t claim me today.

at the moment of celebration,
there’s a lot more unplanned purging…
But I can see the freedom at the open door. I can feel the wind that flows through the openness all throughout, and I’ll just let the opening be there, while
I linger in this healing maze, clinging to the rocks, for

whenever I’m truly ready

9 thoughts on “On the rocks

  1. I hear your heart Ka… Sometimes in life, I know not why we travel through these bleak days of despair that from our present view we cannot see beyond the horizon..
    I have been in such dark valley’s…
    Then as we clear the mind, and let go of feeling victim, we slowly rise as we put one step in front of the other to walk ourselves out of the valley which has been covered by shadow for so long.
    Its not an easy journey.. One painful step after the other.. But so long as we know we are moving in the right direction.. We see the New Dawn over the Horizon.. And gradually the light hits our face and brings to it a smile… We lift up our eyes and in turn so are our hearts lifted.. And the warmth of a new day seeps into our skin..

    I am certain this valley will soon be negotiated, And you will emerge all the stronger, and lighter in the knowledge that Nothing is stronger than our Will to overcome…
    YOU dear Ka, have tremendous Power of will, Turn it to your advantage, in that you are a Powerful Human Being who has tremendous inner healing power to overcome all and everything.. When we believe and we choose to overcome… And channel that energy into a vision of perfect wholeness and wellness…
    You are already Healed in Mind, Body, and Spirit…

    LOVE and Mega Hugs… ❤
    Sue ❤

    1. Dear Sue,
      Thank you for your truly heartfelt expression here. I’m living in interesting times, where there is so much beauty interlaced within the pain and so many moments of bliss surrounded by challenges and unexpected snags that work themselves out gently…

      I trust that you feel empowered by your own tremendous words of empowerment that I will choose to reflect on again and again with great gratitude.

      Surrounding you with marvelous light and sharing wonder with you dear sister….
      as I walk the labyrinth today….

      Much aloha ❤

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