Free-falling into a new life

this was going to be a “it’s the blog’s end” post,
finished the blog. Its mission’s run out.
the long pause at the end of a winding
road, or maybe that will come tomorrow.

service has been disrupted in so many
ways, and the vision vacillates while
the complexities loom.

i was planning on finishing everything
i started, once I realized that in principle
was a principle, just a principle;
and these are my rules now, whimsy be what
it may, the life-force answers to itself.

accepting a better version of events
can be whatever they end up being, and an end
can redirect meaningful energies,
free up resources,
provide inspiration.

what about a re-route?

the whole path has been a splinter!

an impulse quickly turned into a million,
refracted directions,
when with camera: mirror-less direct
images captured on film, in no order
but the perpetual march of the order
that is already given by the continuity
of the space that the events take place in.

this guide is so agenda-less. she’s had no
reason to spread a vision, word, in so
many directions. She is, in essence, “inert,”
lovably all her electrons are full in her
outer shell.

she seeks no bonds.

still she returns, one by one, and moment
by moment, as each strange inspiration
lingers in the new ways that it does, when it’s still
a stranger, and we are sometimes excitedly
courting each other. The self that meets a new moment,

“what will you be, how will you become?”


13 thoughts on “Free-falling into a new life

  1. This is very movingly written Ka.. Who can say when the last page is written, And what are splinters, if not part of the whole tree..
    Life and its turnings hold us often suspended, unsure of what direction we take at the next juncture in our lives..
    I nearly gave up my blog on three separate occasions, yet some spark said pause.. just pause, and breathe… and wait….
    And I am pleased I waited.. listened, and allowed myself space to breatheeeeeee….

    Falling into a new life… doesn’t always mean giving up on the old… But carrying with you into the new all that inspired you, all that held you within your vision of the ‘Gentleness, that gathers here’

    And one doesn’t need a reason or agenda.. One only needs to take one step and then another to see where they lead.. and trust in the flow… That all is in perfect order.. And when we find our inner balance.. We begin to stride more purposely forward not fearing the unknown..

    She will become re-connected with herself..

    Know you are loved, and Blessed.. ❀

    1. Thank you for this soft cushion you’ve provided here for me… (((((( πŸ’š ))))))) … to a landing pause

      As I shall continue to pause (and free-fall and wait, and breathe until the waters run clear once again.).

      Thank you for feeling my space πŸ’šπŸ’• and her gentle void, and for your support.

  2. may you feel joyously free
    in actions of body, speech & mind, Ka!
    for years I posted on wp weekly.
    now I find expressive contentment
    to post every 2 or 3 or 4 weeks.
    wishing you happy moments
    one gentle breath at a time πŸ™‚

  3. This is such deeply beautiful and moving post, it speaks to me and of me so clearly. I am so utterly grateful for this blog space, it is almost sacred to me. But it doesn’t have any ambition or goal to it. It is as if my parallel life that sometimes I struggled to keep living while the flow of life and truth seemed to guide me elsewhere. I have now found comfort in returning to it, finding it living and breathing just like me. Sometimes both of us will take spaces of silence and come back to intersect, I seek no conclusion. Your expression in this post is incredibly amazing!

    1. I’m very appreciative of the in-roads you find here and this way you connect with my written word. Your own writing so remarkably authentic and from a cultivated space of consideration and deep inquiry. Thank you so much for highlighting what I agree is sacred space. This is the place where my soul speaks. Thank you. Much love, Ka

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