Politics broken

the steam is disgusting, putrid
the clouds of lies are thick
with blame and people are
getting threatened every day.

Yet, every day someone else becomes
more courageous,

or is it just this need to breathe so

families long-time divided
holding desperate silences,
fear of losing fake peace
coming, literally, from different places,
fearing loss of loyalty or confirming
it was there, just lack of love.

who can be secure in this world of human
desperation? politics and marketing campaigns, attentions gathered and divided,

who pays what for listening?

There is a call for freedom. It doesn’t look like its other forms;
perhaps formless,
perhaps astonishingly unbroken,
perhaps it’s a beginning.

we will move forward, damaged.

17 thoughts on “Politics broken

  1. I have never been more worried about my country than right now. I literally live daily with stress, anxiety and depression over what is going on. I have even volunteered, and may do so again. We need good people to get involved, and the system as it stands needs to be changed. Our electoral college is outdated and needs to be fixed or abolished altogether. One person one vote is a true democracy. Hang in there, I’m with you. 🙂

    1. Thank you, JoAnna. I hope a new unfolding of our hearts in the way of best action can reveal itself more and more on the individual levels that reach into the collective and stem from it, in such a way so we aren’t feeling powerless to the destruction, and become strong contributors for the promotion of peaceful and measured, effective response to injustice.

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