Deepak’s 21 day meditation

This is the best Deepak series so far; I know, and I’m just only starting it today. In fact, I paused it, and took a picture of the screen so that I could share this forward so everyone else who wants to can benefit from joining this very large group meditation,  too. It’s Day 1! Today!


So my schedule has fluctuated so much, and I have new things on my plate. A couple of weeks ago I saw the most patients of all the weeks previously, and by Wednesday, so all were in the first half of the week. Then last week I had a shift cancelation due to symposium and supervising decisions that resulted in a lot of free time, with a day’s notice – just when my plate was getting over-full with new things to do and midterms. So I used it and cared for myself. The good news for me is that I have everything mapped out in so many ways that I am able to move flexibly through it all, despite all the many unknowns that pop up, and the final result looks like it’s nearly inevitable. All my hard work will eventually reach its culmination, and I will have moved on…which simply means I can start all the creative things I’ve had on hold…

But not yet, nope… yet, the end for my current chapter (figurative)  is very near. And so many beginnings in other “new” areas of my life overlapping – even bigger. It’s like those places in the world where two oceans meet.

It’s exciting! **Mercury co-joins Jupiter** (within one degree orb today) and this is how I am experiencing it today!

Back to meditation…


15 thoughts on “Deepak’s 21 day meditation

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks, it’s nice to share the excitement in a way that feels most appropriate for me right now. Sharing the meditation is good synchronicity too. I’m glad you are also enjoying it! The theme and focus of the meditation and the way Deepak describes the 3 week plan really feels timely and a good fit. Happy meditating!

      1. Dear Ka.. thank you so much… As soon as you mentioned it I went along to the home page and found it.. I registered .. 🙂 And am about to share on post .. Many thanks dear friend, the more who can add their energies of peace during November, the better… I have also included my thanks in alink to yourself.. I am just in the process of writing the post now… And it will be posted as soon as my garden blog one is completed too, As I will be a little quieter myself in blog land a while. I want to finish reading A Course of miracles. 🙂 MUCH LOVE and thank you for taking the time to bring me that Link… I so very much appreciate You.. ❤ LOVE and Light.. ❤

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