Have you ever blamed yourself for something that wasn’t your fault?

I bet you have.

Doesn’t it work the other way, too? Given yourself credit for, no reason.

So many in the trend of thought talk
about ‘creating your reality’ with your
thoughts. While I do believe this,
I also believe that the belief, it can be taken too far. Too much emphasis can be placed,

on the personality, the contents of mind and action.

your thoughts are not you. they may be habits; they may float by in consciousness. They are not you.

free yourself from blame
that you really do not deserve. You
do not deserve all the good nor bad things
that happen to you. events are mostly neutral, even though most of us will agree about unpleasantness or joy of many types of circumstances.

free yourself from the burden of fixing
your mind. Your mind has its own life from you. Your whole life is going on, without your mind.

free yourself from your mind. this is possible as much as it’s not. But isn’t it worth the effort?

Then luck, in all its many forms, can find you!

23 thoughts on “Luck

  1. creekrose

    Sometimes . . . my mind has a mind of its own, that with its own mind too; interesting to observe the minds play while remembering:: I am not my mind though I have a mind (or two), mindful yet not mind full! May luck be on its way to meet you Ka ❤

  2. I was just thinking about how I might have said the wrong thing. Or I could have said that nicer….. blah blah. This really helps. The big picture always helps.

  3. I love your perspective here and I think it is important to bring it out. Thoughts do create our life experiences but they also can end up creating a lot of noise if used only as their surface value without a deeper awakening to what the mind and thoughts really are. You are so right that events are neutral, it is our thoughts that assign qualities to them.

    1. Pragalbha, thank you so much for reading and sharing in this dialogue. Questioning the nature of thoughts and recognizing the false identification with the thoughts is part of the process of discovery through deeper awakening to underlying processes at work. I believe that there is a way that mind can be described that goes beyond the psyche and even local consciousness and extends it beyond space and time. Causality presents a challenge for human minds in that we often assign ourselves to conditions based on misperceptions of what we are actually contributing vs. what we believe we are contributing to our circumstances with our thoughts. I don’t know if it’s possible to eliminate all misperception in the human mind as it’s constantly generating conditions. What I do know is that people can love and forgive themselves more because they are operating from misunderstood causality, and free up some energy, while reducing attachments to mental noise for company. 🙂

      I didn’t know I’d write that so I thank you for your assistance in providing your comment, and helping me to develop this further into this space.

  4. Loved this Ka… indeed free yourself of blame… So many of our guilt concepts are ingrained within us to feel lack, or to be the victim..
    Freeing the Mind is well worth the effort..
    Stay well my friend ❤ and Stay Blessed ❤

    1. Thank you for helping to liberate me, Sue! We can each affirm each other’s diligent attempts to be our best selves in the freeing of the mind process, so that our graces flow. Today I am aware of how blessed and well I am, and my very best regards to you as always 💗⭐️ wishing you well continuously too…

  5. I much enjoyed this, Ka, and agree completely with you about some of the misunderstandings around “creating reality with our thoughts….” I’ve thought of this often. If unity is true, it’s simply not possible for my creation to be truly independent of yours. It can only be possible that we are creating together, and that what I can choose individually is how to respond to what is. You’ve hit the nail on the head I think. At the same time, it doesn’t mean we don’t have some relationship to what comes into our lives, but by sense is that what has arrived in my life has been related to thoughts within me that are so deep, they are not at all the types of thoughts we think. They’re more like God’s thoughts for me, if you will, as if I’d promised this to myself before this Universe began or something. They’re certainly not willy-nilly. Real transformation may involve changing surface thoughts, but down deep I think it means accepting the joy we’ve already chosen, together, as One, in a time that feels like “so, so long ago….” But that feeling I think is often the best we can do with words, to describe the emotional resonance of an eternal choice, revealed Now.


    1. So much of what you said here is so beautifully developed; your words really point to the layers of existence without getting caught in them; and you speak of deep agreement: which I think is a sincere meditation in and of itself. Thank you for adding your expression, Michael.

  6. Love This, Ka…and all the comments too! It is so hard to stop the “mind” from judging. I have just this week decided to pay great attention to the ways in which my mind is on a constant loop of going back and forth between attributes…deciding what label to attach to just about EVERYTHING the mind can perceive! It has been an eye/mind opening process, although not an easy one. I found so many instances where judgment was hidden behind observation!
    Sending you loving, warm wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving 💜

    1. Thank you, Lorrie! Yes – we are all in this together, and absolutely appreciate that it’s a process; and on the best of days, I see it as a spiral as we really are getting the knack of it more and more, each loop there’s a slight difference, more awareness, more spaciousness. Thank you so much for your kind and loving thoughts on Thanksgiving 💗 sharing and sending you loving thoughts for a wonderful celebration wherever the freedom is seen and experienced within and around. Big big hug 🤗

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