Fierce Orchid

You carry a riddle in your roots;
your leaves fresh, anterior, alert.
Perhaps a keiki in your future.

How strong you are in your aerial
apparatus, and your submerged green
fresh and fleshy chlorophyll tendrils.

Wrapping is what you are good at,
climbing, living, breathing through
soil, air, elements.

Your home is thick with fog and mist,
and your styles are unique, while full
of mimicry.

5 thoughts on “Fierce Orchid

  1. This is what ended up being my reply to linda

    “Hi Linda,
    I’ve pondered your post with care. Fragility is a word that doesn’t speak to me at the moment, quite like it speaks to you – as you included your thoughts here in your post about fragility. It’s delicate and sweet you say, and I can relate to that. That’s lovely. I’m not pondering fragility or the word right now , as interestingly you have expressed your “resistance” to the word ponder, initially. When the write time comes for me to write in that sort of blog style, if the inspiration does delicately infuse me, I shall let you know. Meanwhile, I can appreciate your own process here. Have a wonderful day and we’ll see what the future holds in blogland.

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